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About me (July 9, 2001) 
Rarotonga (July 23, 2001) 
New Zealand (August 5, 2001) 
Australia (September 2, 2001) 
China (September 20, 2001 and October 4, 2001) 
Mauritius (October 12, 2001) 
Tanzania (October 17, 2001 and November 1, 2001) 
Switzerland (November 13, 2001) 
France (December 13, 2001) 
Paris (December 25, 2001) 
Germany (January 2, 2002) 
Six months (January 17, 2002) 
France: L'École (January 25, 2002) 
France: Languedoc (January 31, 2002) 
France: Dordogne (February 7, 2002) 
France: Crest (February 11, 2002) 
France: Nice (February 12, 2002) 
Italy: Ponte Mazzori (February 23, 2002) 
Italy: Rome (March 2, 2002) 
Italy: Venice (March 16, 2002) 
Austria & Hungary (March 23, 2002) 
Germany: Berlin (March 31, 2002) 
Denmark: Legoland (April 3, 2002) 
The Netherlands (April 9, 2002) 
Report on the World Wars (April 18, 2002) 
London (May 3, 2002) 
England and Wales (May 19, 2002) 
Scotland (June 1, 2002) 
More England (June 5, 2002) 
Ireland (June 19, 2002) 
Washington D.C. (June 25, 2002) 
Crossing the USA (July 5, 2002) 
Home (July 16, 2002) 

About me (July 9, 2001)

Hello, my name is Cameron, I am 10 years old and I am going into 6th grade. I am very excited about this trip—it’s the biggest one I’ve ever gone on!

I guess you can say I have a fondness for pigs—that’s right (your eyes are not deceiving you)—pigs. One of my best friends, Haithem, and I are obsessed with pigs, chickens, and cows. We (or mostly me) have made a collection of stories about them, most of them named Farm Wars: episode 1, 2, 3, 4…all of them about a group of farm animals, who don’t want to end up in the meat  section, revolting against the Farmer empire.

But it’s not all just pigs, chickens, and cows. I’ve made a horror story (more humor than horror) called The Mommy, about a, well, yes, Mommy so cruel, you could hardly imagine it—or can you? Oh, just forget it. There’s a Mommy and a boy named Him, famous for being the only one to escape the grip of the Mommy (later famous for his TV show, What is my Name Again?).

There will hopefully be a prequel to The Mommy: Killer Baby, and a sequel: The Mommy Returns.

Enough about my stories. I went to a bilingual school called FASSV (for French American School of Silicon Valley). I began at almost three years of age in pre-school.