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October 2, 2001
A China photo album

Of all of the countries we have visited so far, China is the most foreign.  In most of our letters and photos, we have shared the parts of China that lie along the tourist paths.  For the benefit of our friends and family back home, we would now like to share some of the aspects of China that are perhaps less touched by Western influence.  Many of these things completed astounded us when we arrived, but have now become very familiar and normal...

010929f.jpg (380154 bytes)    
Fishermen in the early morning out on their bamboo rafts (the mountains of Guilin are in the background)

010929c.jpg (492949 bytes)
This bicycle is laden with a bedroom set; we saw others carrying much more (too bad they don't sell three-wheeled bicycles like this back home)

010929l.jpg (514678 bytes)
Many of the older generation prefer carts to bicycles (or can't afford a bicycle) -- people, carts, bicycles, motorbikes, and cars are able to share the roads together in perfect harmony

010927j.jpg (366951 bytes)
Still others continue to use baskets on the ends of poles; we saw groceries, goods, and children being carried this way (baskets were more prevalent the further south we went)

010929k.jpg (551043 bytes)
The duck market in Yangshuo -- this was the only place in China where people became alarmed when Russell took a picture

010929j.jpg (466901 bytes)
One of the "brick constructions" that are in progress all over the place (note the bamboo scaffolds and the man on the roof watering the bricks)

011001e.jpg (304329 bytes)
Some of the signs in China do have English on them, but it tends to look like this

010925h.jpg (577356 bytes)
A typical Chinese toilet (at least this one had high walls around it!)

010917k.jpg (462484 bytes)
People have asked to see the picture that we talked about in our "Beijing Day 1" letter -- at the Great Wall, a group of Chinese girls grabbed the boys and asked if they could take their picture together

010929e.jpg (416256 bytes)
A Chinese baby boy -- note the "split pants" that all toddlers wear, and the height difference between Gail and the mother


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