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March 8, 2002
About my grandson (Gail)

020303yj.jpg (480940 bytes)
Nana and Keegan under the Tuscan sun

They're here! He's here! I've been a bit busy playing with the baby to write about his visit. After six months of waiting to meet Keegan we have finally been able to hold him and enjoy his smiles. Our world is once again full of strollers, diapers, baby toys and drool. And we love it

It is interesting to see my daughter as a mother. She's very relaxed with him. David is a wonderful father. It is very clear they love their boy. I can still clearly remember when I was Dawn's age and she was a baby. I think about how my mother must have felt when she finally got to see her grandbabies (I lived in Michigan, she was in California).

020304v.jpg (611409 bytes)
A  family shares a quiet moment in Cortona

Our first meeting was wonderful. There was no hesitation; he came right to us, all of us. He has made himself a complete part of the family, charming each of us with his smiles and squeals.

Keegan is a happy boy. He lights up when he sees his Rupa (Russell). When we babysit it is Rupa who can calm him down. Russell is so patient, walking Keegan around to look at things and singing to him. Keegan calms right down, starts smiling and singing along. He adores the attention the boys give him. He is ticklish and his laugh is infectious. He will reach out to us to hold him, using his smile to get what he wants.

j030108.jpg (123717 bytes)
Keegan learns to play the piano with Rupa in Rome

He is wiggly. This has made for some difficulty because we do not really have the facilities to let him roll around on the floor and he misses his "farm" -- a seat for him he can use to stand up -- so we hold him a lot and let him use us as an exercise play area. Cameron likes to hold him but the wiggles make it hard and he has to give up after a bit, but he carries him like a pro. Joss still looks like he will drop Keegan at any moment so we supervise him closely. Cameron and Joss have both become great helpers when "the wiggly one" gets his diaper changed. They use their stuffed animals to entertain the baby so he does not roll over and try to creep away.

020304i.jpg (81275 bytes)
Uncle Joss prepares to "launch" Keegan in his "spaceship"

He loves to eat. We have bonded over food -- pasta, bread, veggies and cereal. He is a messy, eager eater and like most babies ends up with as much on himself as in himself. With his mom's permission I introduced him to gelato in a cone, it was a big messy hit. Cameron took a turn at Keegan dinner duty and found he could not move the food fast enough from the bowl to the boy. When this happens a loud screech is heard (from Keegan) and his arms and legs move even more.

020227zu.jpg (405126 bytes)
Uncle Cameron at feeding time

I have been very happy carrying him around the museums and down the streets, relieving Dawn and David of parent duty for a brief while. He is a delight. With all the entertainment here in the form of uncles and grandparents he is never bored or alone for long.

Still there are times when only Mommy or Daddy will do. We have yet been able to get him to go to sleep. This seems to need a combination of walking the floor with him in a sling sucking on your finger. It can take a very long time. You can't sit down and even after he does fall asleep putting him into bed alone does not work very well.

I am so glad they came to visit with us so we could get to know Keegan before he is a year old. I look forward to watching him grow up and trailing after his Uncles. Cam and Joss have had so much fun with him, though we do have to remind Joss that loud noises are not a good thing when the baby is nursing (or finally sleeping).

Chances are they will miss us when they go back home. I know we will miss them.

020301zn.jpg (235327 bytes)
Keegan on his six month birthday


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