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About my animals (February 9, 2002)

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How it started. I brought some animals along with me on the trip around the world. I brought Pikachu and Marill. I gathered animals in every country I went. My first new animal was a hedgehog and I named him Cuddly. I got him from New Zealand.

The next animal I got was Burrow; he is a wombat. I named him Burrow because wombats dig the ground; I also saw one. I got him in Australia. Next I got a platypus, it was also in Australia, and I named him Platy.

The next country I went to is China, our first foreign Country! I got a panda and named him Rollie, because when I turn him upside down he looks like he is looking at the sky or the stars

In Mauritius I got two new animals, a dodo bird that I named Yoghurt (now Maury). I also got a turtle that I named Water (now Apples.)

In France I got a Warthog which I named Sniffles, because Cam had a Warthog named Truffles. I like to play hide and seek with them. Sometimes Cam and I play games with them. When I play hide and seek with them by myself I hide them and pretend I don't know where they are. If I play with someone else I hide the animals and the other person finds them, or the other way around. We sometimes do puppet shows with them.

When we travel we pack the animals into a cramped suitcase. They do not like that; they like to be free and be played with and loved.


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