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Australia (August 31, 2001)

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I like Australia a lot because there are a lot of nice places and a lot of nice people. There's Emerald where there aren't very nice people and its places aren't very big. Australia has very nice weather because even in the winter it's very warm. Australia also has lots of islands around it. There's also a big rock in the middle of Australia but we didn't see it.

One day we went whale watching on a ferry. It took awhile to get there, but when we got there it was really exciting. Because we got to see lots of humpback whales. Some of them dived out of the water, some of them turned upside down, and some of them just reached the surface. When they dive out of the water and they get their tail up at the end, it means they're diving deep. And also when they put their fins up and splashed at us, it looked like they were waving. We also heard some whale sounds. They sound like soft screeching or singing.

We went thunder egg hunting and found lots of thunder eggs. Thunder eggs look like potatoes made out of stone or balls. There was soft rock around them, and we used the picks to chip the soft rock out. We got a half bucket full of thunder eggs. Thunder eggs have inside of them really pretty crystal. They have lots of rings of different colors. When we finished we got four ice creams: one for me, one for Cam, and two for mom and dad.

We went sapphire hunting and it was fun. We each got a bucketful to share. What you have to do to get sapphires is you have to put some dirt in a sifter and shake it over the pile. Then you have to rinse all the dirt off the rocks and then lay them down on a mat. Sometimes there were rocks that looked like sapphires, but weren't. A sapphire is shiny even when it's not wet. It took a lot of time to get the sapphires, but when we got them we were proud. We tried to get some cut and polished, but we couldn't because we were leaving so early.


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