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My birthday (March 31, 2002)

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Today is my birthday and Easter. We are in Berlin and it is Easter. Today when I woke up, I saw Cam's bunny on the back of his bed, and I looked for mine. I couldn't see it. Then, Cam showed me that it was under my pillow. Cam kept asking me to get up and open birthday presents. I just kind of woke up slowly and took my time to get dressed. Then, I played Othello with Cam, and halfway through the game he asked me to stop and go open birthday presents. Then after the Othello game I made a "Happy Birthday" out of the Othello. It wasn't that good. So I decided to make a "Happy Birthday and Easter" sign smaller. It didn't turn out that well either. So, I ended up going into mom and dad's room at about 8:15.

When I entered, I sat down on mom and dad's bed. I spotted two bunnies -- not live bunnies, but chocolate bunnies. There were twenty bunnies, and we were each supposed to find ten. If we found more than ten, then we didn't pick them up. My place that I stored my bunnies was on the bed. Cam stored his by the bed on the floor. Dad told us that they were all in plain sight, not somewhere hidden behind the lamps. Sometimes we looked under the beds and stuff, but dad kept telling us they were in plain sight. We listened to him sometimes, but we still looked under the beds and behind things. He also told us that no bunnies were on the computer table. Cam was always one bunny ahead of me, although it didn't matter. On my ninth bunny I found, I got real annoyed because I couldn't find the last one. When I got so annoyed, I asked mom to say "hot" or "cold" or "warm" or "freezing." So we did that, and it was on a picture frame right next to my head when mom said I was so "boiling hot." It was a fun treasure hunt, although it wasn't really a treasure hunt.

I had set up a special surprise, but mom sat on it. It was where you're supposed to make your own lightsaber. I had hidden the crystals around in the room, and mom had sat on one of the crystals. So since the special surprise was for everybody, I decided not to do it. I had made the lightsabers out of paper and the crystals out of paper. I also brought in pens and pencils for the tools, and mom and dad and Cam kept saying, "Put those things back. What are those things out for?" And I refused to tell them what they were for, and putting them back. So when mom sat on them I put them back.

When we went to breakfast, there were three -- actually four -- bunnies. Well, they weren't bunnies; they were two chicks and two eggs. Mom and dad got three. And they were alcoholic. She said not to bring in our eggs because they were alcoholic. But when she looked at the names, they were different. I had a piece of bread with Nutella on it, and that was it.

After breakfast, I went out of the room and put away the special surprise and did my morning things. My morning things are: making my bed; brushing my teeth; doing my medicines, which are nasal spray and Allegra. (Allegra you take with water, although I don't need to, although I want to. I only need about one drop to take my Allegra.)

For my birthday presents, I got: the first one was a Snoopy dog (or at least I call him a Snoopy dog). Then, I named him "Dog," so I called him "Dog the dog." Then, I decided to name him "Paws," since mom and Cam mentioned that their paws were rough. So then his name was "Paws." The second present I got was a Lord of the Rings booster pack kit so we could open booster packs twice a week for the whole trip around the world.

And from Cam I got a Kattondo game. There were two dogs that stood up. There were walls and there were fences, and there were bushes, and rocks, and grass. And the dogs started at the guard start token. There were two different tokens, so they could be placed anywhere. Although when Cam and I played it, Cam was the dogs, I was the cat. There were two versions of the cat: the cat crawling or climbing, and the cat standing up with his gun. The cat can't fire while he's climbing or crawling. So you have to get upright to fire. I helped make some of the grass and stuff when I figured out what the game was. I made a big grass field. It was two inches long and one inch wide -- it depends on which way you face it.

I had fun with Paws. He always sticks his tongue out. Since I didn't like the bell on the bunny, I gave the bell to Paws, since dogs usually do have bells. He has big ears, he has fluffy paws with three fingers, and he's a beanie bag - well, part of him is a beanie bag. He's also really fluffy, just the right size for the cat. Cam said the dog is always a little bit wider but a little bit flatter, and the cat is always a little bit taller but a little bit shorter. That doesn't make sense. The cat is always taller, but always less wider.

The cat game was fun. I'm nine years old, and Cam suggested singing "Happy Birthday" nine times. And then he told me an annoying reason. Because, what if you turned 100? You would have to sing "Happy Birthday" one hundred times.

We went out today, although not for much. We went to see Hitler's HQ. It wasn't all that museum-ish. Mom said it wasn't what we were going to expect it to be. It didn't even look like Hitler's HQ. We walked along the refuge islands and crossed some streets. We saw a whole bunch of bears, and one time I asked mom if I could sit on a bear. She said yes, and I went over to a bear and tried getting up. Cam said, "Are you even allowed to get up there?" And I said, "Yes. I asked mom and she said yes." Since I couldn't get up , dad helped by making a step out of his foot. When I got up, it was fun. Cam decided to get up too. He gave mom his stick (if he even had one), and then he climbed onto the bear. He had some trouble too, and dad asked him if he needed some help. He said no, and then pulled himself up.

We got to play at a park, and there was a trampoline, two bounce-beam swings (what I mean by that is, they were on a swinging back-and-forth beam, and they were connected to each other). I kept asking dad to play hide and seek with me. He kept saying, "No, let's find a better place," since it was wide open. And he said, "We need boundaries." I asked him if the boundaries could be just around the park. He said, "No, let's find a better place." So we did. Instead of playing hide and seek there, we actually played stick bop, where Cam and I had two sticks -- one each, but mine was broken in half. So I had two, but it was shorter. And that wasn't any advantage. And dad threw sticks at us -- small ones, about two or one inch. Sometimes they were fat, sometimes they were thin, and sometimes Cam and I broke some in half.

After that, we played hide and seek. The boundaries were in a triangle. The boundaries: up to mom, to that big rock, and out the other place somewhere reasonable. The place reasonable I thought of was up to the path. Although the first reasonable boundary I found was up to the bench. It wasn't actually one bench, it was two benches. The first time dad found me both times, and then I asked him to hide. I had a real hard time; and while I was searching for him, I found a stick that would fit mom or dad. When I showed mom, she said to drop it and to keep trying to find dad. She said, "Don't just go wander off without telling dad to find sticks." I told her that I wasn't, but she didn't believe me. She gave me some clues on where dad was. She said he was near the river and by a tree. I found him in five minutes. Actually, if I would have been looking by the river, it wouldn't have been that hard.

So we all happily went off back to our apartment, where dad told me that we had one more birthday present. It was a new Game Boy game. It was "Dodge Ball," where you were supposed to hit the enemies until they died. It didn't seem too much fun, although it was. We tried them out when we went to the next place, and it was fun.

My birthday was really fun. Without the birthday presents it would have been a horrible birthday. I didn't get any birthday cake, but I did get my favorite: humus on a falafel. It was a little sour humus, but I didn't care. It was still good. The treasure hunt was fun, and Dodge Ball was fun. From now on, like Advance Wars and Mech Platoon, we play Dodge Ball all the time, always.


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