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The Cotswolds (May 12, 2002)

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We are in England at a farm, where there is a tennis court. We play tennis nearly every day and dad joins too, nearly all the time. Cam and I sometimes play tennis just against each other. And its really really hard, because Cam either hits the ball too far and too low, or Cam hits the ball too high and too much less far. So I keep asking him to hit the ball regularly and serve without hitting the ball. We keep losing balls over the fence and we can't get them, unless they land on top of the roof. And one time we only had one ball left, even though the last time we had three left.

There's also a baby duck that keeps following a chicken around. What it does is it stands up, waddles over to the chicken, flaps its wings around, opens its mouth, quacks, and then settles itself down into a patch of grass. And then he does that continuously until the chicken stops or goes to sleep.

There are lots of spiders in our room. One spider was a big spider and it was right over mom and dad's bed. They caught it immediately and threw it outside. There are also tons of spiders in the bathroom. There are at least three. One is huge and is very big and black. Another is probably a smaller size of the bigger one. And the other is a daddy longlegs that has its web connected from the toilet to the wall. There are also more spiders outside of the bathroom. There's one that has its web right from the corner to corner of the bathroom door, although it is very small.

Cam slept in the higher bed once he realized that the lower bed was too uncomfortable for him. And I slept on the bottom bed. The bottom bed, actually I thought it was better than the top bed. But I didn't say that. So it worked out quite well. We are staying at the farm for three nights.

Also, when we were going to the Long Barrow, we invented a game of when we were in big fields of lots of flowers (they had to be dandelions), and go in the field with sticks and start hacking the dandelions' heads off. It was a fun game. And we also hacked off unbloomed flowers' heads.

It kept us entertained for awhile until there were no more dandelions and there were sheep. The sheep kept us entertained, though, by having a little sheep "maa" a call to its mother, and the mother would call back. And the other would call again, and the mother would call back. And then the baby sheep would come running over to its mom and start eating. Also, sometimes the little sheep "maa" both at the same time -- or they call both at the same time -- and it sounds real weird. It sounds like a broken accordion that has sheep talking over it. And when the mother calls, they start running towards it like regular, and so on.

We went to a long barrow where it was a big mound with three real entrances and one fake entrance. There was one entrance that was extremely low and you had to crawl through, and there was another entrance that was so big it could even fit dad in. And one time a black bird flew into the smaller one, probably building a nest.

We also went to the Roll Right stones, where there was a king that wanted to king of all England, and he was going out to conquer all the other lands, when he met a witch, which didn't like what he was trying to do. So she said that if he took six long paces and could see the next town he would become king of all England. If he didn't, she would turn all his knights and him into stone. He wasn't able to do it, so he was turned to stone with his knights. He was apart from his knights because he took the long strides, so his knights were in a big circle, and those are the Roll Right stones, where you cannot count the same number any time twice.

I also found some arrows for my bow. I got to look and use a thing-a-ma-bobber that if you hold them side by side, they would cross over a mineral or metal, or water. So I was wondering what would happen if you held it over the sewers.

The walks were fun, especially when we found new sticks and when we went around the circle counting all the stones. Sometimes there were stones hidden behind each other. And I think that's one of the main reasons why you couldn't count them all the same time twice in a row.


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