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More England (June 5, 2002)

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In Bath, we went to a big playground that is nearly only one block away. First you have to pass a big obelisk and turn right. Then you keep walking along the path until you see these tires on a laundry pole. And then you turn in. There was a big adventure island, where there was only one entrance with the bridge. There was also a sort of teeter-totter that kept swinging back and forth and spinning around. There was also one of the merry-go-round things where you hand-control it. What was really funny about that is that it was slightly tilted down because of the hill, so if you're sitting backwards, you tilted back once you got to the hill part. There was also a big mining facility, where there were three buckets: one attached to a crane, and two others hand pulleys. And Cam and I really liked that. One time we even plugged up the dump with sticks, and we filled the dump up to the top. And then we emptied out the sticks, and it all poured down like the Niagara Falls.

There was also a castle that we pretended the pigeons were invading. I found a dagger-stick and I threw it at the pigeons. The reason why there were so many pigeons is that there was a picnic table nearby with a whole bunch of crumbs on it. Cam used his new archery with sticks, where you take your two hands, bend the stick back, and then release -- although I don't really like that.

After we were done at the playground, we went to the Pump Room where we went around in a big circle. We had tea there, because it was 2:00 and they stopped serving lunch.

We also went to Cheddar Gorge, where I found yet another stick. There was a very long hike there, where Cam sword-fought with our new sticks. We thought we found a pink cheddar, which is a flower, which is very rare and only found in the Cheddar Gorge. Although it was a dandelion that had folded up.

In York, we went to a Viking Museum, where we went on a trip through time, where it went back in time too long. So we got out in the Viking times. We went on a tour with a little boy around in a simulator that moved. And he explained all what it was like to be in the Viking world, and all things like that. We also got Viking coins. The way they made them is they took a big hammer, placed a round piece of metal on imprinted thing-a-ma-bobbers, and you took a hammer and smashed it really hard. It hurt my ears. What I wonder is, why do they put the shops at the end of the tours, if the person just wants to buy something in the shop?

We also went to Clifford's Tower (still in York), where it was on a hill and extremely tall. So mom didn't want to go. But she went anyway. We got to taste different foods, or at least smell them. I bit into a pepper and it was extremely spicy -- a black pepper. Cam didn't want to try it. I also ate fennel. It didn't have much of a taste, although it was still tasty. I also smelled some ginger. At first, I didn't know it was ginger, but then I guessed it.

We still haven't gotten an England animal. Next we are going to Ireland, and we will hope for the best weather. On the news we have only seen that it has been raining in Ireland.


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