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France (December 13, 2001)

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I'm in the little house in France. Cam and I have a room together. Dad reads us "The Two Towers" Lord of the Rings every night. Sometimes he doesn't read to us for very long, but that's still okay. I also read French books and write book reports. I finished the third "Harry Potter" and I'm now reading the fourth. I also saw the movie of the first "Harry Potter." It was two and a half hours long and it was in French. I understood most of it, but I didn't understand a little bit. But I still could tell what they were doing by the pictures.

Cam and I have to work four hours a day. Cam and I earn fun time by doing school work. We earn half the time we work. I've earned about five and a half hours of play time. Sometimes Cam and I play "Croc," sometimes we watch shows. If we watch them in French, we don't lose any fun time but don't earn any fun time. If we watch them in English we use up fun time for the amount we watch.

My favorite workbook is "Reading," because I get to read stories at the same time I'm working. And it's fun. I do an "Adi" program or PC every day for an hour of my school. I also do workbook for another hour of my school. I read a French book or an English book for reading, which is another hour. And for the last hour we do recess.

Cam and I go on a walk every day. We also have (like at regular school) three recesses. One in the morning, one after lunch, and one in the afternoon. The morning one is fifteen and the afternoon is fifteen. The lunch is half an hour. Cam and I today raced on the swings. We got past the first lap when Plick ate my mitten.

Plick is a dog. There is also Mabelle, which is another dog. Whenever Cam and I go outside, Plick almost always runs up to us and sniffs us. Once when I only had my sweatshirt on, Plick ran up to me and jumped. He put his paws on my chest and left two paw prints like he was giving me his autograph. Mabelle is very scared and almost never comes up to us. Also Plick and Mabelle don't like anybody who's bigger than them, so whenever mom and dad come outside, Plick and Mabelle always run away and bark. Once mom got to get Plick to come up to her and she pet him. Today Plick ate my mitten.

I created a shop with my Advent Lego and stuffed animals. Mom taught me how to make tissue flowers. I made fake money from one to eight dollars. I also made cents. My shop is for fun and I sell things. I made a vase of tissue flowers and put them in my shop. The highest price in my shop is five dollars. I also have Puzzlemanias and Mathmanias. I have bookmarks that mom decorated with my name and Cam's name and dots and things.

Also I went to a French school and played football at recess. The French school was very different from my school in Silicon Valley. One of the main things is that everybody spoke French. Sometimes I didn't know what they were saying, or that somebody was even trying to talk to me. First I went to the sixth grade class and introduced myself.

I also brought a tin-can telephone. You put a string in between both cans and talk into the hollow part. The sounds go through the string and go into the other person's can. The sound quiets down while it's going through the string, but the tin can's echoes make it louder. But I didn't get to show my telephone. I'm going to be going back to the French school.

Yesterday I went to a Palace and listened to a telephone. Cam and I explored everywhere. I found buttons which I thought were knobs. Dad pushed one and it lit up where it was.

In France it is very cold, even in summer. Cam and I invent games on the swings, but I do not want to say all of them. So I'll say we invented "Mr. Triangle Head," where we're supposed to blow each other up, and "Bash," where we're supposed to knock each other out of control.

Cam invented "Super Dog," and played a show at night. There's this really dumb dog that kept calling him "Stupid Dog" instead of "Super Dog." There's also "Dogs," which is all dogs' names, and there's some exceptions like "Bobby" and "Ogd." There was "Dogs," "Grandma," and "Mom," which were also stupid, "Coo Coo," and "Dogs Dad" was not cuckoo. In part of the play "Dog" was wearing a beanie cap hovering following "Super Dog," or in his language, "Stupid Dog."


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