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Germany (January 2, 2002)

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We left Paris to go to Germany. In Germany there is a lot of snow so Cam and I decided to make snow forts. But there wasn't enough snow to make even one wall. There was a playground near where we are staying and Cam has a tall slide structure (guard tower) and I have a small tent made out of bars (my fort). I have bars inside and I line up snowballs on the bars and on the ground inside. Nobody can hit me with a snowball when I am inside my fort, unless they go close up to the side then they can throw through there and hit me. But of course I have a lot of snowballs inside to protect and attack.

We had a big snowball fight with Mom and Dad on one side and Cam and me on the other. People were able to hit me because I had to come out of my fort to throw. Once when Dad went in to get the camera, Cam and I did a hit-and-run mission against Mom. Cam and I won the whole battle! My hands and feet got really cold because of the snow. We decided to get snow boots and snow gloves.

You can go to a sauna. We went there because we have colds. Before we went to the sauna we had chicken soup for lunch. The chicken soup was also for the colds. We still have colds.

For New Years we visited with Jayne and her dogs Buster and Wiley. The last time Jayne saw me I was a baby. When I was a baby, whenever Mom or Dad would try to straighten me out I would fold up again like a ball. Before New Years we walked Buster and Wiley. We went to a river and walked up to the gate of the old castle and we also passed a lot of playgrounds. Once I held Wiley's leash. Jayne puts a muzzle on Wiley because he doesn't like any other dogs other than Buster. They are thirteen and fifteen years old. In dog years they are past one hundred.

For New Years Mom and Dad told us they would wake us up in the middle of the night for the fireworks. But in the middle of the night we didn't want to wake up. The next morning I yelled at Mom and Dad because I didn't get to see the fireworks.

Cam and I play with our stocking balls.

Germany is interesting, cold and fun. I do not understand the language. It looks funny when it is written down.


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