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Home (July 16, 2002)

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We are coming home, and it is going to be very weird. First of all, we won't be traveling from place to place or being on any airplanes anymore. We won't be trying any different foods. We are going to have our own car (or cars). We are going to have our own rooms. We can mess around with things. We can play all we want (other than home schooling). We can climb the trees in our backyard. We have our own toys. We get to play with new things. Nearly everything is going to be packed. We will be deciding what to toss and what to keep. We know the people around us.

When we left, I didn't want to go, but now that we are coming home, I don't want to come home. I didn't want to come home because I had just gotten used to traveling, and it would be hard to stay in one spot for a long time. We won't be having to roll our suitcases all around the place anymore, or carry anything heavy. Also, we will be getting together with our friends again.

Our house looks completely different, since everything in the front yard and the back yard has grown. Friends and family have put up banners and things saying, "Welcome home," even inside the house. The first thing I did when we came home is, I ran into the backyard. Somebody had emailed us and said that the fennel was six feet tall. We also discovered that we had grapes on our grape plant. I could reach the persimmon tree without having to stand on the bench anymore.

Since we are home again, we are going to be wearing new clothes and we are not going to recognize each other. Cam and I went into the garage and started hitting each other with the foam blocks that we had found in the toy room. When the big party of Taylor, Jake, and Bayley came in, we brought out nearly every single block from the toy room out for them to play with. We kept constructing things for Jake and the others to knock down.

When Keegan came over with Dee Dee and David, I had made a spaceship before they had come. Once I put Keegan in it, he started destroying everything. That was okay, because he was only learning. I taught him how to crawl up and down the steps. We made music for him, by Cam taking the guitar (little kiddie guitar) and me taking the maracas and the harmonica. It was loud and irritating, but Keegan liked it. So we kept on doing it until Keegan had to eat.

Keegan has a tooth, so he's starting to eat food, instead of nursing. Today, he had chicken. Since when we had come home, family had bought things that they thought we would like, they bought marshmallows (two packs), Pop Tarts (chocolate chip, raspberry and strawberry -- one pack each). For dad, they bought MiniBix and lots of other cereals. For mom, they bought cereal and a book for Keegan.

I am going to miss traveling, but still there is a big adventure at school. We are going to be seeing our friends. Cam is going to start about two weeks before me. So I won't have Cam, although I will have Syam, Joshua, and all the other friends. Although still, Cam is my best friend, and I will miss him when he's gone. Even though when he is gone, we will still see him at dinner and breakfast.

I liked the idea of the trip, but I still missed home. We've seen lots of different things that we have never experienced before, so I'm glad we went on the trip, even though we had to leave home behind. Like the elephant charge, and the motorhome breaking down. We had bought new clothes and outgrown clothes. Cam nearly has nothing fitting him here at home, except for his travel clothes. I grew into every single piece of clothes Cam used to have, and I finally fit in the age size I'm in. When we were starting the trip, I had 7s and 6s, but now I fit in 9s.

Everything is packed, since we are coming home. There are lots of baby toys hanging around, and we are excited to have a whole new adventure at home.


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