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Italy: Il Caggio (March 9, 2002)

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After we left Rome, we came to Il Caggio. It had a cat, a dog, two swings, two slides, a fairy circle, and a pool. There was also a little baby play area. The baby play area had a little house with dishes and a table.

I liked the cat. The cat's name was Geneve. It think it was for "Geneva." I taught the cat -- actually, I didn't really teach it because it probably already knew -- to jump across from rock to rock. And when the dog came over, when it was in the garden, it was barking at the cat, so Geneve climbed up a stump. I followed her up the tree. It was a hard climb, and whenever I touched Geneve, she hissed at me.

We were staying with Dee and David and they got me a special surprise -- and the cat a special surprise. The special surprise was for both of us. It wasn't actually for me. It was for the cat. It was cat food. Crushed up fish, without the bones. Every day and night -- or almost every day and night -- I fed her. And every night or day she came up to our door and waited for the food. Sometimes I didn't really feed her; I played with her a lot. Like on some days when I feed her, I don't jump from rock to rock with her. On some days when I don't feed her, I jump from rock to rock with her.

In the room in the apartment that we had, we had a small living area with a dining table with six seats, two reclining chairs, a fireplace, and a kitchen. You would go upstairs (there aren't that many steps, something like five) and go to the bedrooms. But to get to the bathroom, you have to go back down the steps (but not the same ones). There were two double beds (but one of the double beds was two twin beds stuck together) and two twin beds.

One time, we went on an "explore." We went down a small hill that was by the park, and found grape plants. Tons and tons. You could see them as far as the eye could see. Since there was a lot of string on the ground, Cam and I decided to make grappling hooks. We collected two sticks each, took a piece of rope and tied it around the sticks. We made a "plus" (+) and we still have them. We played where we couldn't get up walls unless we grappled them and they got stuck. On one of the walls there was a pole, but it was right up against the wall so it was hard to grapple. On another wall, there was a stump, so it was hard to grapple, but we didn't try grappling the stump. Once I tried grappling-hooking myself up the stump, and it worked!

Another time, I tried grappling-hooking myself up my favorite tree. Every day from then on, Cam and I used our grappling hooks. When I came outside and Cam wasn't there, I always climbed up my tree. The first time, he didn't realize I was up there, but when I said "Hello" to him, he looked around and saw me up in the tree. From all the days on that we were at Il Caggio, I climbed up the tree and when he came up, he always looked in the tree and said, "You're up in that tree again?"

We also tried grappling-hooking the slides. One was a short slide, the other was a big slide. The short one was about two metres high; the big one was about four metres high. The first time we tried grappling the small slide, it was so hard. But the second time we tried, it was so easy. On the first try on the big slide, it took me about 15 tries to get one "hit" on it. Then, I did the second part. I was only halfway up the slide. So then, it took me something like another 20 tries to get the second part grappled. Then, Geneve came. We liked to call her "The Horror Cat" because she was always popping up on us wherever we went. And she came out of nowhere. There were also two barrels in the park. Although they weren't for the park.

One time at Il Caggio, we played where we were elves of the Lorien Woods guarding the main entrance, and Orcs started attacking. So what happened is we had to fight the Orcs with some other guards (they were pretend guards). And another time, we played where I was the good guy and Cam was the bad guy, and we played "Lord of the Rings." Although having one character and one bad guy is very, very, very annoying. Because, how can Boromir die by one bad guy?

We didn't know what the Bridge of Khazad-Dum would be, so we just pretended that a wall was the Bridge of Khazad-Dum. I walked along the wall, and Orcs started swarming me -- or, one Orc started swarming me. That's what was annoying about having only one bad guy and one good guy, although it was still fun playing "Lord of the Rings" by ourselves.

So far, Italy is very fun. I like Il Caggio, especially because of the grappling hooks and the cat.


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