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France: Languedoc (January 31, 2002)

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We left Crest on the 28th and left for Carcassonne. Carcassonne was wiped out by the Christians by water depression. It took about three hours to get to Carcassonne. It was worth the drive. When we got to Carcassonne, it was almost completely empty. Carcassonne is a very nice castle. It has a town inside of two walls. The two walls are both castle.

We are staying in Carcassonne for three days. Cam, where we're staying and when we're not doing anything, is reading the whole Petit Nicolas series all over again. We visited other castles on hills with sheer drop-offs. The other castles were very nice and it was only an hour drive away. The first castle we got to was Quéribus that was wiped out by Christians again. We toured around the old ruin. Mom didn't go up the first half because she's afraid of heights. When dad came up and mom wasn't with him, I came down to check on mom. Mom took two pictures of me sitting on a stone even though she doesn't like drops. We explored a dungeon and a windy staircase.

The second castle we went to was Peyrepertuse. It was also wiped out. Cam and I before touring the castles bought swords at Carcassonne. We sword fought in the castle and trained on our own. I got a plastic silver one and Cam got a black plastic one. Unfortunately on the second day of Carcassonne I got a sore. I think I know why Cam wanted to choose the black sword.

  1. He wanted to tell the swords apart.
  2. He likes fire. Black is the color of coal.
  3. I have a sore and he doesn't want it.
  4. He had a plan to be Orcs or bad guys.

When I first got my sore mom said we needed to put alcohol on it. I didn't like putting alcohol on it but I didn't like the sore. When I first put alcohol on my sore it stung after five seconds. Mom said we would keep having to put alcohol on it, otherwise it would itch. I couldn't touch my sore so I chose alcohol.

At Peyrepertuse we explored. I usually like exploring ahead. And mom kept freaking out. She always told me to keep in her sight, keep in her sight, over and over. Since I liked exploring ahead, I could only explore a little ahead. And I didn't like that. What I do when I look at edges is just imagine it as a picture. There was a great view, but mom didn't allow me to go to the edge, even with a rail. I didn't like that either, but I'm still a little afraid of heights.

In Peyrepertuse I went up on some big, big rocks. There were no rails and I'm sure mom wouldn't like me going there. Cam and I climbed all the way to the top, where dad said we couldn't go any further. There was power pole on the rock. Cam and I went back down, but dad stayed up. We went all the way around until one of the rooms, when we found out that dad was already there.

I am thinking about posting some stories on the Web site. But I'll tell you about that later.

In Peyrepertuse mom also stayed down. It didn't really matter to me that mom was afraid of heights. When mom was down and dad was with me, he said I could go out of his sight but stay in his hearing range. I liked that but I'm sure mom at the bottom wouldn't have. What I mean by "bottom": not bottom as in like at the car, bottom as in like at the stairs or something.

Cam and I on the drive back got to see the Mediterranean and played at the beach. I collected shells. I got two real big ones, about four inches long. And Cam started building a small village. It had the mayor's house and two other houses. I collected sticks and put them in parts of the town as trees. Meanwhile, Cam was building a sand crocodile. And I was building the outer wall. First small, then I upgraded it. When I got the idea of upgrading it, I made the gate and thought the walls should be as big as the gate. I collected lots of shells and mixed sand too. What I did with the mixed sand is built the wall. I also mixed in some shells into the sand that would make it stronger. I kept finding sticks underground, so I always pulled them out. I also found an aimer, a plastic aimer, in the sand. I asked dad if he wanted it for his camera, and he said "No you could keep that as one of your treasures." Did you know that I collect rocks, shells, sticks, and all sorts of things?

When I was upgrading the wall, Cam, mom and dad were happily eating in the car. Mom said "five minutes," and I told her that five minutes was enough to finish upgrading my wall and finish my wall. When five minutes was up, I only had four slabs to upgrade my wall.

We arrived back in Crest and Plick ran up to the gate. What I like doing when Plick is with us and I want to pretend like I'm poking something, I go "plick plick plick plick plick plick plick."

The first thing I did when I got back to Crest was play on the swings like usual. Plick kept coming up to us. That made us get off of our swings because we couldn't swing over Plick. Either that or we had to swing over him and then grab onto the tree. Cam and I are very good at gripping onto the tree.

Way back in China or Australia, I collected little number tags. They were circular and different colors. Treasure! And a lot of it! When I came out of the shop, the alarms beeped but I was sure I didn't have anything. When I checked my pockets, the owner said that I had collected a shaver tip. I collected a lot of the circular tags, and I also collected any treasure (at least to me) that I found on the ground.

The second day in Crest, Cam and I mostly played with our swords and played on the swings. When we played with our swords, we played cats against dogs. Cats are the good guys, at least for us. And the dogs are the bad guys. Cam kept going, "Woof woof woof" when I was sword-fighting him. And whenever I hit him and he didn't block, he snorted and made a face.

When we arrived in Crest, we also got groceries. We got milk, pizza, ice cream, flour, and chocolate. The flour and chocolate were for making chocolate chip cookies. And I sure do like chocolate. When we came back, mom said to me that I should eat more nutritious things. I didn't like the sound of that.


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