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London (May 3, 2002)

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We are going to London. It is very sad that we have to leave France. We have already turned in our beloved car, and our boxes that we have used to support our Game Boys. Mom and I both cried when we had to return the car. It has driven us everywhere in Europe. When we get to London, we are going to get a new car, though. I wonder what our new car will look like.

Since we didn't have a car anymore, and we couldn't take the metro to the airport, we took a taxi. It took over an hour to get to the airport. When we got to the airport, we had asked the taxi what door the British Airways was on. Unfortunately, it wasn't the British Airways that we were on, it was British Midland. We didn't have any paperwork for British Midland, but they let us on anyway.

At the airport, there were millions of moving platforms. Some of the moving platforms even slanted upwards. And once we had to go onto a slanting downward moving platform. When we finally got to our lounge, it was 11:30. Cam and I played Game Boy for awhile, and then started to play Lord of the Rings. When we started playing Lord of the Rings, we had an hour left. Cam was winning when they called out that our flight was going to leave in five or so minutes.

We put away the game, gathered up all our stuff, and rolled our suitcases over to the airplane. We discovered that it wasn't the airplane that we were getting onto, it was the bus. It took us almost a half hour on the bus, waiting for the bus to fill up so it could. Then, it took us a 15-minute drive over to the airplane. When we got to the airplane, it wasn't a ramp, it was a staircase, so mom and dad had to carry the suitcases up. Cam and I, meanwhile, were up inside the airplane already; and we were trying to figure out which seats were our seats. I clearly remembered they were C, D, E, and F.

When our airplane took off, we had a wonderful view of Paris until we went into a cloud, and then we had a wonderful view of the clouds. Mom and dad said it was only an hour flight, but there was a 15-minute delay. So, we had to wait 15 more minutes. When we arrived at the other airport, we rolled our suitcases down the hall and into the taxi. But we had to wait for the taxi to arrive first. It was a big caravan. It had no huge trunk, but you could sit backwards, forwards, and have you still be guarding your suitcases. We would have never been able to get to our Travel Inn without the taxi.

Our Travel Inn was on Belvedere Road. When we went out for a tour, we had to take a funny roundabout and cut off to the right to get onto Belvedere Road. We discovered that there was a playground right outside our window. We went down to play. There was a tightrope walk that you had two things to hold onto (they were two ropes on either side). There was a wobbly bridge, a criss-cross rope walk, a rolling log that you had a rope next to, a tightrope walk with nothing to hold onto, and last there were rings. That was all on an obstacle course. There were two other things in the playground: they were a spider web and hopscotch.

There is a big Ferris wheel almost right next to the playground. We also went in the Ferris Wheel once. And it is called the "London Eye." We went all the way up in it and the view was great. We discovered at the playground that there was a set of swings, a big snaky thing with numbers on it, and a small play structure.

We went on the Tube. It is sort of like the Metro. It's a big train that goes around underground. There are weird-named stops like "Westminster Bridge Stop."

We also went to the Tower of London, where you are guided by a Beefeater. A Beefeater is a guard. The Beefeater led us around and explained to us. Sometimes there was a block for him to stand on, or one plank so he would be higher. The Beefeaters are called "Beefeaters" because they were paid in beef, and everybody used to call them "the greedy beef eaters." And it was a high tradition to be paid in beef, or to eat beef. Only the rich people got to eat beef. The first place the Beefeater led us to was a gate where they got supplies from.

There was another place where he led us to which was a church. We got to sit down and look around at the church. And the Beefeater explained why this church was built, and how it was built. The church was built for Henry VIII to have more wives than he was supposed to. The other churches wouldn't let him have more than one wife. So he destroyed the church and made a new one for himself. He wanted more than one wife because he wanted to have a boy son. But they either kept having no babies, or having daughters. Since the church wouldn't allow him to have one wife, he beheaded the other wives. And when he finally had a son, he only ruled for nine years. His name was Edward, Edward the Second.

We went to "The Lion King." It was a real live stage play with everything. It was hard to imagine what the play would be like on a real stage play. Dad kept telling us, "What do you think Zazu the bird will be like?" Zazu the bird was actually a person with a stick and a bird attached to the stick, and there was a string that made the mouth open. One time, Simba had stolen the bird, and the bird keeper was going around saying, "Where's my bird?" And one time he knocked into the pole on one of the places where you go out or come in.

Every night at the hotel, I had chili con carne. It was very very spicy, but I got used to it. I kept having it every night because it had my favorite baked chili beans, and it came with rice. I also am starting to like spicy food a lot. That's why I'm getting spicy food. One time Cam tried the chili con carne, and even with Cam helping me eat one bowl of chili con carne, we couldn't finish it. So we let dad have it. Too bad dad can't order off the children's menu.

In London, we didn't do much, but it was still worth the stay. Every day, when we had discovered the park, we played at the park.


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