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Mauritius (October 12, 2001)

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Mauritius is our first English/French speaking place.  There are lots of signs that are English but lots of people that speak French.  I’ve only talked to some people once.

We went on a submarine that went 35 meters under water.  We saw a shipwreck and lots of different fish.  After the submarine we took a long walk on the beach.  Mom and dad let us take off our shoes.  And Cam and I kept throwing seed pods at each other.  Then I kept putting seed pods down for markers.  They were marking the trail back.  And I made another long line to mark the trail back.

There is a great swing set in the Ocean Villas.  The Ocean Villas is where we are staying in Mauritius.  Cam and I keep trying to get zero gravity on the swing.

Cam and I put on a card trick show.  It was mostly me that put the tricks on.  The first trick was “The Snake,” and “The Snake” led into my next trick, which was “Sorting the Cards Out  Then I had “The Disappearing Joker  Then there was “The Shuffle of the Aces  Most of the card tricks I made up in my mind.


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