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New Zealand (August 3, 2001)

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We went to a farm in the North Island. When we got inside the house, there were lots of cats. There was a gray-pawed cat and a white-pawed cat. There was a big black cat and it was the momma. There were two boys and we gave them a present. The present was "Harvest Moon 1." We helped Laurie and Alex start them and told them where everything was.

One day we helped feed the sheep. We went to school once with Alex and Laurie, and it was very confusing. Because everybody was all talking like, "Hey it's my turn," and "No it isn't," and they kept asking me questions.

I liked the cats a lot but I'm going to miss them.

Today we were in the car a lot. It was a very windy road. After awhile, we got to a place we could stop and there were lots of things to do. We did two things. We went on the loop walk, and me and mom went on the comet line. The loop walk was very long. And the comet line went very fast.


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