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France: Nice (February 16, 2002)

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When we arrived in Nice, we were staying at Alexandra's and Jean-Luc's house. When we arrived, Jean-Luc was so hyperactive that we had to just lie in bed to get him calmed down. We were staying in Jean-Luc's bedroom. We were on bunk beds. Cam was on the bottom (like usual), and I was on the top (like usual). Jean-Luc was also on a bunk. There was no bed under him, but he was up high. Alexandra was in the room right next door.

When I played with Alexandra we usually played "Kitty." And when we played with Jean-Luc everybody joined, except for the parents, and played hide and seek. In French it is "cache cache."

We went to the carnival on the second day. We couldn't actually go in, but outside of the carnival there were trampolines and all kinds of stuff. I went on bouncy-balloon trampolines, and Alexandra went on a big trampoline that had ropes and you could bounce and do flips and all kinds of stuff. But I think it was a good choice that I went on the bouncy trampolines. Cam and I kept body-slamming each other and tried to make each other fall down. And whenever Jean-Luc came in with us, he always fell over. Also, Cam and I pretended to be Superman, because there were a whole bunch of trampolines next to each other, and we could just bounce from one to the other. You could also be a bunny rabbit.

There was a piano and I learned by myself how to play "Joy to the World" even though I don't know the song. We made crêpes and pancakes. We ate the crêpes. I had only Nutella on them. Alexandra had a combination of different things. Cam kept switching back and forth, and Jean-Luc really didn't put anything on it. The pancakes were yummy and so were the crêpes.

Alexandra and I invented pancake sandwiches. You took jelly, spread them on the pancake (don't put too much on or they'll spit at you), put two pancakes together with the jelly in it, and then eat it.

There's also another person that comes and visits named Julie. She ate pancakes and crêpes too, and she also plays cache cache. I like scrambling up words and making funny stuff like "explained" and I say "how come it can't be 'a-splained' or 'z-splained'?"

We watched a movie at the end of the day that was about Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Jean-Charles made it and Alexandra did most of the scripts. Cecilia was also in it and she played a good part. The movie was about Alexandra (Hermione) and all of the other schoolmates in Hogwarts breaking a dark magic mirror.

On the third day we watched a movie called "Mission: Cleopatra." In the movie, there was a person called "Minerobis" that has to build the largest palace in three months. He gets Panoramix the druid, Astérix and Obélix. They travel to Egypt where Minerobis is supposed to make the palace. Panoramix makes a magic potion that makes human strength stronger. So all the workers line up to drink the magic potion, and Astérix demonstrates. He picks up a large stone and throws it to Obélix. Obélix barely catches it. He keeps on going until the next person drinks. The next person was a female. Astérix asked her to pick up a big pillar stone and she threw it all the way on top of the pillar. The palace had more than 200 pyramids. The movie was in French but I still understood it.

We watched "The Iron Giant," "Shrek," and a little bit of "Mouse Hunt." "Shrek" and "The Iron Giant" were in English, but "Mouse Hunt" was in French. We had popcorn with "The Iron Giant."

We played a little bit of "Lord of the Rings" at their house on the last day. I made lots of paper airplanes. I made a fan for dad and mom. They both had flowers. I made a valentine for mom with my special cut-outs. I also learned how to play on the piano "Doe a Deer" which I can also play on my recorder. I could actually learn how to play "Joy to the World" on my recorder.


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