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Paris (December 25, 2001)

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Paris is exciting.

We are staying at a hotel called "Pierre et Vacances." We take the metro whenever we want to go somewhere except for somewhere very close. We saw the Eiffel Tower and went up halfway. Mom didn't want us to go to the top because she didn't like the swingbridge either. We went to the tower of Notre Dame and went up a 387 spiral staircase up to see gargoyles. It barely felt like a step going up all of the steps. Mom didn't want to be up at the top either.

We saw the Museum of Orsay and saw paintings. I saw Impressionism and thought up a Christmas present for dad. Impressionism is when you just make blobs of things and when you stand back it looks like a real picture. I made a Santa Claus and his sled with three reindeer because I couldn't fit everything in. I was trying to make the sky at night, but when mom looked at it she said "It looks like a river with mountains in the background."

Also at the Orsay Museum, we saw sculptures and ate lunch. We had sandwiches for lunch, made out of bun bread. At the sculptures, dad told me that there were dates and names carved into the sculptures.

A couple days before Christmas, Cam and I made stockings. I also made my present for dad and wrapped my present for mom. The present for mom was a hedgehog. I gave Cam a little warthog or wild boar. Cam and I spent lots of days working on our Christmas presents. Cam made a surprise out of Lego which was a Santa Claus with his reindeer. I also made for dad a world journal comic book. And I made a present for Santa Claus out of Impressionism. I also made a Lego Santa Claus in front of the present, which was in an envelope.

At Christmas, I couldn't believe what I saw in front of Cam's and my stockings. I saw that my present for Santa Claus was gone. I tried not to peek in the stockings, but I couldn't resist when I looked down to see if my present was there. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and when I looked at our stockings, there was still my present for Santa Claus. When Cam and I opened our Christmas presents and stocking presents, two of my stockings weren't wrapped and two of Cam's stocking presents weren't wrapped. I got two packets of M&Ms, one peanut and one regular. I gave my peanut M&Ms to mom because she likes peanut M&Ms. Cam got sour Skittles and tropical Skittles. I got an animal-making kit with foam blocks and things, and it was from Cam. I got from mom and dad an Origami paper airplane making kit.

Dad and mom kept taking pictures and filming. When dad opened my and Cam's presents, mom took a picture of us side by side with dad and dad was holding up the presents. From Santa Claus presents wrapped, we each got two. I told Cam that they would probably be the same so that we wouldn't fight over them. We got Game Boy games. One Advance Wars, and the other Mech Platoon. Cam and I first played Advance Wars. Cam decided to play Mech Platoon after he tried Advance Wars. Advance Wars is liked Warlocked, another game on Game Boy, and it's different for me but practically the same for Cam. In Warlocked you don't play a single person, and in Advanced Wars you don't play a single person. Although in Warlocked, there are question mark spaces, but in Advance Wars there aren't. Another difference is that you can't build buildings in Advance Wars, and you can in Warlocked. You can't create people in Advance Wars, and you can in Warlocked. And also there are helicopters and ships with tanks and boats and submarines, and etc.

We're going to go to Germany after Paris, and it is very cold everywhere in Paris.


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