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Italy: Ponte Mazzori (February 23, 2002)

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We're finally in Italy!

We are staying at a villa and there's not much room. The bathroom door is very annoying, because it is very hard to open and close. There is a TV, a small kitchen, and a dining table. There is some living space, but not much.

The first day out, we went to Pisa. In Pisa there's the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And we actually saw it. When it was getting constructed, before they finished it the ground came unstable and the tower started to lean. It was cool, and we kept taking pictures of dad or me and Cam holding up the Tower of Pisa.

We drove to the Cinque Terre on a very sunny day. From the car drive we could see lots of pretty views of the mountains. Finally we saw the Cinque Terre, although it was far off. The roads were very windy, and I got a little carsick. I took a Dramamine on the way and when we arrived there, we drove our way to the carpark. It said it was guarded, but it wasn't.

Also, at Mauritius or China or stuff like that, I didn't know that Cam and I could have written two or three letters about China or Mauritius. But we can't go back there because it would ruin our world trip.

We went to the Tourist Office and it was three flights of stairs up. We got the information on how to get there, and we went to the beginning of the walk. On the way there, Cam and I spotted a park. Since we hadn't seen a park or played on a park in a long time, this park seemed like dreamland to us -- or at least, to me. We played at the park. There were rings and a rope to climb up to get to the monkey bars. Also, there were some slides and swings. Cam and I did some Kattondo training. Cam was the master. Since the monkey bars were far apart, I was supposed to zigzag in between monkey bars. Cam and I also tried out the swings. We didn't get to go very far. We had also gotten gelato before that. I got a chocolate magnum with raspberry and a chocolate crust around it. Yum! And Cam got a vanilla cone.

The hike took about five hours. But since Cam and I kept skipping ahead, it took six hours. About halfway through, we found a big clear open area with… a cat! A person was nearby and she put big clumps of bread on the ground on the top step. I kept petting and it, and I'm sure he wasn't hungry because he didn't eat the food. When we kept going on, I thought the cat was following me -- or us -- because it was walking along with me foor awhile, until we reached a fence, when it couldn't be walking up on the high part, so it went back. I don't know if it ate the food or if it didn't.

Mom told me not to go near the edges, but when Cam and I went ahead, we joked on her and went near the edges. Sometimes there were railings on the edges, and sometimes there were trees and stuff so you couldn't see the edges. But there was always the ocean on the right, and the hillside on the left. Mom kept saying not to go near the edges, because if I fell down I would fall about 2,000 feet down into sharp rocks. But I did throw rocks down there to experiment how far it was. But sometimes we didn't see it after awhile, so sometimes we never got to know how far it was.

At the end of the walk, we ended up in Vernazza. The first place we went was down and over to the rock beach. It wasn't very much like a beach, but it was still fun. There were big rocks lined up next to each other, but sometimes you still had to jump from one to another. I just liked jumping from one to the other so I did that even if they were close together. If there was a little notch to hold onto, I jumped onto that rock and then held onto the little notch. I'm an expert climber. After I got to the very end of all the rocks, I skipped back on the same rocks; although the first time I went through, I had gotten stuck on a place until I decided to go back and around a different path. At the end when we left, Cam went on the rock path but didn't get stuck. I'm sure he was watching me; otherwise he would have gotten stuck in the same place I had gotten stuck.

On the way back we saw lots of cats. We saw about three or four. It was exciting, although the cats were very shy. On the way back we decided not to take the walk, otherwise it would have taken all day. So we decided to take the train back. It takes about five minutes for the trains to get there. On the train, we realized that we hadn't gotten tickets to go onto the train, but something different. So we had to pay the guy about 50 euros to get our train tickets. It took about all of the time on the train to get our tickets.

On the fourth day, we went to Firenze, a city famous for its sculptures. We went there to see the Bargello Museum, but we realized after our lunch that it closed after 1:00. And about every place closed after 1:00. So then we decided to go to the Uffizi Museum. So we ended up in the Uffizi Museum looking at paintings and sculptures. It was amazing. No wonder it's famous for its sculptures. We spent the rest of the time in the museum gaping and staring at different paintings and sculptures.

We went to the Vinci Museum on the fifth day. The drive to the Vinci Museum was about an hour and a half. We found our way to the museum, and Cam and I played on the very windy castle structure. It wasn't a playground; it was just an old castle. Cam and I played that we were explorers exploring a new region. And there was a grass slope and we pretended to climb it -- actually, we did climb it -- and sometimes we fake-slipped, but we never real-slipped. Sometimes, Cam or I pretended to slip so badly that we had to hang onto the wall, although we were still on the grass slope.

When we finally got to the museum, it wasn't crowded; it was all empty except we didn't know where to get our tickets or anything. Actually, you didn't need tickets. So we just wandered in and looked at all the great inventions invented by Vinci. The first invention was of an olive grinder. I don't know how it worked, although it did look fun -- fun as in hard but exciting. We found a square man -- square as in he was made out of squares -- and there was a big ball with a man that had four arms. It wasn't a real man, though. On the way back, it started raining. So we hurried along to the car.

I really enjoyed Camaiore because of all of the great views, and it's fun. Also, Italy itself is starting to become fun.


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