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Rarotonga (July 23, 2001)

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I like Rarotonga, but I miss my house.  In the bathroom there was a giant spider.

I met a cat named “Rusty.”  I played with Rusty, and taught him a trick.  I taught Rusty how to wipe his front right foot.

I went down to the beach and made a sand castle, and went reef walking.  There are lots of trees to climb on, but they are all too high for me to reach.  We bought a scooter and tested it out.  It was great.  We have to hand wash the dishes.  Last night we saw dancers out.

One day we walked to the Needle.  It was very hard, but we kept on going… the climbing and the hiking and all of the energy.  Going down the trail was harder than going up, because I had to keep looking where my foot was.

I am very excited to go to New Zealand, because I can’t wait to see all the different things.


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