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Italy: Rome (March 2, 2002)

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We arrived in Rome on the 23rd of February. We parked and started to look for our hotel. But then we figured that the parking space was actually only for people that lived there. So we wandered around looking for a parking spot. We found some other parking spaces and checked if they were only for people who lived there. They were. When we finally got a parking spot near the hotel, we started to bring our luggage up to the room. We found the person and he gave us three keys. When we were finally packed up, the person showed us around the place so we knew where everything was. Cam and I already knew where the kitchen, the two bathrooms, and our room was. Also, there was a piano so I was very happy.

We took lots and lots of walks and on some of those walks I had very bad stomach aches. The first walk we had, we went to a market. At the market, my feet really itched, so I had to keep taking off my shoes. When my shoes finally stopped itching, I started having a stomach ache. On the walk back, the stomach ache got worse and worse. So whenever I took a couple of steps, it felt like someone put a dagger into my stomach. Halfway there, mom had to carry me on her back. Mom had to carry me on her back because my stomach hurt so much that I couldn't move.

When we arrived back at our apartment, Cam and I asked for our Lego. Cam and I invented more monsters to shoot down with our new rubber band pack.

The second walk, I also had a stomach ache. Although halfway through the walk, my stomach felt better. Luckily, just as my stomach felt better, some bats started to fly overhead. They came in swarms like Moria Orcs. Moria Orcs are in Lord of the Rings. They had their own stunts. One was like a balloon, another like a fly swatter. It was like a fly swatter because it was straight and then the bottom started to fold under like it was trying to swat a fly. We got gelato at a gelato stand nearby the Colosseum. The Colosseum was pretty big, but I didn't get to see very much of it.

Dee Dee and David came after a real bad accident happened, but I don't want to talk about that. When Dee Dee and David arrived, they had Keegan with them and he was awake. We played with Keegan for a long time before it was bedtime. He also learned how to play the piano, or whack the piano. Keegan is fun, but he does like to nurse a lot, so we don't have a lot of time to play with him in the day. Most of the times, Dee Dee and David are out with Keegan, so that prevents us from playing with Keegan.

We went to Saint Peter's Church before Dee Dee and David came. I chased lots of pigeons because there were lots of pigeons. When I got hot, I took off my sweatshirt, and Cam gave me an idea to use my sweatshirt as a hammer. Cam named it the "thunder hammer" but I renamed it the "lightning hammer." The "thunder hammer" was very long-ranged, so whenever I swung it a pigeon, they always flew away. The pigeon general is the highest rank a pigeon can be, other than a pigeon leader. Once I met two pigeon leaders right next to each other. I chased them away, but they're very hard to chase away, even with the "lightning hammer."

When we entered the Saint Peter's Church, it looked very small, but it was actually huge. It is meant to make it look smaller than it actually is. So the window with a bird on it looked closer, but smaller. The end was two football fields. The ceiling was actually seven stories high, but it looked maybe two stories high. There were two statues that looked the exact same height, but they weren't. One was above the other, so if you made it bigger than the other one, it would look the almost same size, unless it was huge. The statue on the bottom was two meters high, but the one on the top was four meters high.

We went to the Vatican with Dee Dee and David, and we saw the museum with the Sistine Chapel roof. The Sistine Chapel was for the Pope and it was painted by Michelangelo, who didn't want to paint it. The first reason was he wasn't a painter, he was a carver. He sat lying on his back for four years non-stop. We saw the creation of Adam and Eve, we saw God creating the Earth. We saw lots of angels on the wall that Michelangelo painted years later. It was about the dead being chosen, whether they went to Heaven or Hell. There were some people being dragged by devils. There was one person being dragged by a devil who had his hand over his face.

The next day, we went on a long tour of the Colosseum. There were lots of cats and I saw a black cat. The Colosseum was used for gladiator fights. There were pulleys that carried cages, and there was a trap door that had the animals pop out. The gladiators fought the animals. The animals were like elephants, tigers, lions, bears, and lots of other stuff. I saw most of the ruined Colosseum, and I didn't get to see any of the gladiator fights. I got to go to the top of the Colosseum. We saw some cats too, but the pictures didn't come out. So I haven't gotten any pictures of the cats, but I will see lots more. I hope so.


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