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Six months (January 17, 2002)

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We came back to Crest from Germany. It was a long drive getting to Crest, about 8 hours or so. I missed the forest, the disk swings and exploring the forest. I made my shop on the table again. I got some new things for my shop like some seeds that look like caterpillars, acorns and a loud speaker, which is actually an acorn lid. My shop is now "our" shop because Cameron helps me now.

In France my favorite food is Raclette, which has meat like salami and a cheese. The food is named after the cheese. I like the salami best though it is greasy. Almost everywhere in France there is cheese.

I didn't expect to see the game Settlers of Catan or any of the series until we got home but we gave the family whose house we are using the game as a Christmas present. They left it here and I don't know why. We played it. I played it with Cameron and Dad.

A couple of days later Dad left Crest to go to Valence and get Jojo and Matt. I made a welcome sign for them and taped it to the front door. I used colored pencil and glitter glue. When they got here I didn't know if they saw my sign or not. When I asked them they said "yes" and I was very happy. I was very excited because they were our first visitors from home. The next day we showed them around, even in the forest. We played Settlers of Catan with them.

We still do four hours of home schooling every day but not on weekends. My favorite part of home school is recess, next would be reading.

My favorite part of our trip so far is Tanzania. It was my favorite part because I got to see lots of animals and we didn't have very much school.

I miss my friends from home. I miss the garage mat. I miss my bedroom. I miss all my family members. I am looking forward to seeing my big sister Dawn, David my brother-in-law and my nephew Keegan. It will be about five weeks until we see them in Italy.

I am looking forward to going back home.

It's only 2 and one half months 'til my birthday! I'll be NINE.


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