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Switzerland (November 13, 2001)

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We went to Switzerland and went to Geneva. First we walked around in the regular parts of the city, and then went to the old parts. We walked around and then went to a church and climbed a tower. When we came out of the church, we walked around a found a restaurant. It had crêpes and a couple of salads. I got a ham and cheese crêpe, Cam got a cinnamon butter and sugar crêpe, mom got a vegetarian crêpe, and dad got a crêpe which had mushrooms and meat. For dessert mom and I got chocolate crêpes. For drinks we all got hot chocolate. When we left the restaurant, we went back to the car and drove back.

The next day we went to a castle. We walked in and went down a staircase into the ventilation place, and walked down to the end. It was a dead end. We went back and came back and climbed up the stairs. Next we went to the second place and climbed up a big staircase. We went through a lot of stairways until we reached a tower, and climbed up the tower. It also had a lot of staircases, and when we got to the top there was a great view. When Cam and I went back down, I went down into the exit, and the gate was closed. I came back up and told Cam that the gate was closed, and we went back down all that way. But instead, mom and dad had just went down to the exit and opened the gate. And Cam and I were still going through all of what we went through. And then we exited the castle and went to a cheese factory.

At the cheese factory, we ate lunch. I had chicken nuggets. Cam had the same thing. Mom and dad had the menu of the day and pork and noodles. After we had lunch we went up the staircase and got "Cherry talkers." I named them that because Cherry is the person that's talking, and she is a cow. She explained everything from 1 to 16 in English. And she talked about magic and cheese.

We went back down the staircase and into the sweetie shop. Mom kept telling me to pick out different things. Like first she said, "Pick out something small." And then she said, "If you want, you can pick out something big." And then she said, "You can pick out a whole bunch of different little ones, but all in one." And then I went over to the little counter and picked out a pop-out Popsicle which was on a Pokémon. And mom said "No." And then I picked out a Popsicle on a Pokémon. And mom said "No" again. And then she said, "Pick out something like Cam did." And she brought Cam over to me, and he was holding out a bag of a whole bunch of different chocolates including Switzerland chocolate coins. And then I picked out a big chocolate thing with a whole bunch of little chocolates in it. And mom said "No." And then I picked out a little packet like Cam, and then decided I didn't want it.

And then dad came over and I said, "Mom won't let me have anything I want." And dad said, "Well what did you want?" And I showed him the big packet, and the price, and dad said, "It's okay, you can have that." And I brought it over to mom. And then Dad said, "Are you sure you want that kind, and not the one with all the pictures on it?" And I looked at the pictures on the one I had picked out, and there were a whole bunch of cows on it. And then I looked at the one with the pictures on it, and compared them. And did the one with the pictures, not the cows. And then dad said, "Are you sure you want the one with the pictures, not the cows?" And then I looked at them, and then said "No." And we bought the stuff and then left the cheese factory.

Switzerland is fun.


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