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Tanzania (October 17, 2001)

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In Tanzania, lots of people walk and carry things on their heads. They are dark skinned. There are lots of weeds and dry open space. We saw cats, which we hadn't seen in a long time. And kittens too.

Before we got to Tanzania, we had to take three airplanes and wait a day. First we had our flight cancelled and had to go to Kenya instead of Tanzania. And then from Kenya we went to Dar Es Salaam. And then from there we finally came to the place we wanted to go in Tanzania.

We went on a snake farm and saw lots of snakes. It was feeding day and the snakes were chasing mice around, or the mice were chasing the snakes around. One of the mice bit a snake on the tail. We saw a crocodile and some came charging out of the water from nowhere. We got to see a chameleon and it changed colors.

Today we went on a safari. We saw monkeys, a hippopotamus, giraffes, warthogs, water bucks, and bush bucks. The safari was great except for the bumpy road. There aren't many paved roads, and it's very bumpy. It was also very dusty. And on the safari we got to stick our heads up out of the roof. It was fun because Cam and I got to sit up at the top. The safari is in Arusha National Park.

Tanzania (November 1, 2001)

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Africa is a whole lot of open plain space with lots of animals. There are a whole bunch of different ones and I don't want to name them all. My favorite one is the hyrax. It is a small, fast-running rock or tree animal. I like them because they are small and furry and they run fast.

After the snake park, we went to Tarangire and saw lots of animals. There were wildebeests, impala, and lots of others. The ride and game drives are fun, but the bumpy road and the dust aren't. Especially when it rains. Sometimes we camp and sometimes we are in lodges. I like the lodges but I also like the camp because I get to taste the cook's food. It is mostly good.

Once I found a bent stick and found a piece of string and made it into a bow. It was about a foot wide when it was stretched. And one metre from top to bottom. Long sticks I sharpened and used them as arrows. Once I found a bamboo pole just the right size for my bow and it shot great. It was very light and was very far ranged.

It is going to be sad when we leave because I am going to miss the open plain and all the animals.


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