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Wales (May 19, 2002)

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We are staying in Wales. We went to St. Fagans Field Museum, where there is a Celtic village with mud and stone huts. In one hut there was a man that showed us different Celtic weapons. There was a spear that was extremely long, a sword, and a shield. The shield had a bump in the middle for punching and defending the hand. The sword wasn't sharp, although it was very hard; and he said it was made out of iron. The spear had small notches on it for pulling down a shield and then stabbing, or pulling down a shield and then using the sword to hit more of the main body parts. But the spear was mainly used for stabbing the feet. But the spear was not used for throwing, because if you missed, it was most likely going to be thrown back at you or used against you.

We also found small slate pieces. Slate is a mineral that can split very small. I also got a gingerbread man and Cam got strawberry sherbet, where you suck on it and it takes almost forever for you to finish it.

We also went to Tintern Abbey, which was an abbey burned down by Henry VIII because the churches didn't allow him to have more than one wife. It was a fun place to climb around, and we found the sewers or a water channel, which you could get into and crawl under walls. And one time, there were walls built up all around a room and you could only get in there by the small channel. There were still some small puddles in the sewers, but it was only water. Cam and I used my bow and arrow and Cam and I also used our swords. There was also one of the main rooms, which was very big and with a garden in it.

After Tintern Abbey we went to the Jubilee Maze where there were puzzles of getting different things off of different shapes. The maze itself wasn't very hard. All you had to do was go to the center of the maze and then find your way out. The way I found it is, Cam was there first, and Cam kept saying "You're going the wrong way," and I said "No I'm not," because I was at another thing-a-ma-bobber which was actually two chairs and I found one more along the way. And then found the temple. There was actually a straight line to the exit from the temple, where you could make your own maze.

We went to Portmeirion, which is a small city. And we got a bow and arrow. Cam also got his own, so we wouldn't have to argue about who gets the bow. It had sticky arrows, which I mean it had suction cups on the end of it. It was a very tight bow so the arrows shot very very far, like 15 feet or more (unless you didn't pull the string back very far). We also got to see many different things. There was a lake or a small pool that had water pouring out of a tube.

Hay-on-Wye is a town with most of its shops full of books. And Cam was very excited. I wasn't very excited, because I didn't like touring for one thing, and I didn't really read books. But Cam, on the other hand, really really liked reading books and liked touring. I liked Hay-on-Wye because at the Tourist Information, right next to it there was a small garden with a rock wall right next to it. I got on top of the rock wall and walked in the garden. When I got to the end, I had a wonderful view of the carpark, the small Ferris wheel, and the hills and mountains. Cam, when he got out of the Tourist Information, came with me. And when he saw that there was a path that went up there, he bonked me on the head (or pretended to) and then said, "You stupid idiot! There was a path there!" And then he got off and ran back along the path. I went back along the rock wall and saw Cam was already there. I didn't really know he had run. But I figured it out once I saw him already there.

We also got to see "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones." It was a fun movie, and we got to see it for the first time. Spider-Man was only out in the States, we didn't see it.

We also went to a History Fair, which was fun. I got a hamburger and so did Cam. We watched two men sword fight with their other troops, and we saw how the French first captured a British camp, and then the Welsh army came in and recaptured it. There were cannons and guns with the real sound effects. It was extremely loud, and Cam and I kept plugging our ears. It was fun, although if I wouldn't have plugged my ears, I would have probably gone deaf.

We also went to a Medieval Banquet where there were entertainers and you got four courses: a starter, two main meals, and then a dessert. You didn't have a fork or a spoon, and you only had a knife. It was a sharp knife. So obviously, Louis the Fourteenth hadn't been king yet, because Louis the Fourteenth's knights kept picking their teeth with the sharp knives, so he invented rounded knives… and table manners. Also, you had a napkin tied around your neck, and it almost choked me. I loosened it a bit, but it made it tighter. You ate your meal with your fingers or you stabbed it with your knife and ate off of whatever it was. You drank your soup by either taking bread and dipping it in and eating off the bread, or taking it in your hands and slurping it down like a drink. It was very weird to eat that way, although fun. I didn't eat much. I had the starter, which is bread. I kept my piece of bread, and then there was the soup, which I dipped my bread into. But when I tried drinking it, it was really, really thick. So I ended up not eating it all. And then I had my dessert (because I didn't like the lamb), which was ice cream.

Wales is a fun place. And we did a lot. Although it was fun, there was lots more to do in Wales. There were lots and lots of sheep, and I also got a stuffed sheep for the animal of Wales.



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