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Washington D.C. (June 25, 2002)

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We are coming to Washington D.C. on an airplane. I'm feeling a bit sick. In Washington D.C. it is hot and humid. We went to our hotel on a bus where it was crammed full of suitcases.

It was 11:00 or so for our bodies, so we were tired. There was only a person other than us on the van. It was about a 45 minute drive to get to our hotel. We got to our hotel. There was a basket about one foot full of fruit waiting for us. We got to our room (number 13). When we woke up next morning, we had oatmeal for breakfast. Apple oatmeal.

We went to the Air and Space Museum. First we went to the flight simulator. I was gunner and mom was pilot. We kept spinning around and mom kept screaming. I kept pulling the thingy - the joystick - backwards, which makes it spin around. We took off from the freighter and flew around. We found the Cliffs of Moher. We flew back to the freighter and saw it as an enemy cruiser, so we started bombing it. On the joystick there were missiles and a gatling gun. I fired some missiles at it. I also targeted a hotel and fired at that.

We also saw the three ships (space ships) that experimented going into outer space. The first one went out of the atmosphere and then came back down, to see if people could breathe in outer space, I mean to see if the thingy was tight enough to hold oxygen in it. The second one had two people in it, where they went out of the atmosphere and had a person go out and come back in to the space ship. And the third one actually went to the moon. It had three people in it.

We got to see the IMAX on space, where we saw the space station being constructed. We also went to a paper airplane contest, where we made our own paper airplane and put paper clips on it. We learned that the paper clips made the airplane more stable, if you put it in certain places. You were supposed to throw it through a hoop. I got down to the last two people.

We went to the Natural History Museum, and saw an IMAX of dinosaurs. We saw the Ice Age and the underwater creatures. We saw a small film of how all the water creatures died. They died by the temperature getting too cold. And there was a cycle of one animal eating another animal. So first, the small creatures died off, which were the big creatures' food. So now the big creatures couldn't survive for the even bigger creatures to eat them. There was a big sloth in the Ice Age, about two metres tall. It had big claws. I didn't expect sloths to be this big.

We also went to the Insect Museum, where we saw real live tarantulas. We also saw walking sticks, and more hidden creatures. I also crawled into a fake termite mound.

We went to the American History Museum, where we saw the Star Spangled Banner. And we also saw the Presidents until now. We also got quizzed on which would be the highest rank, and it was the well, I don't remember.

We saw the George Washington Monument. It looked like a big tall pillar. We also saw the Jefferson Memorial. It was a temple sort of thing. We also went to the Lincoln Memorial. We counted how many steps it was up to the top. Not nearly as much as the Sun Yat Sen Memorial.

We also saw the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial, where there were lots of waterfalls. And we got to see the moon red. We also got to see a monument of people putting up a bigger flag on a hill.

It is going to be sad that we aren't going to be traveling anymore. Because we're going to keep asking, "Mom, where are we going tomorrow?" And she'll say, "School." Also, I'm not going to see Cam for about one week. Because Cam starts school before I do. It's going to be sad because I am not going to have Cam anymore, although I still will have my friends.


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