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July 20, 2001
Life in Rarotonga (Gail)

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Cam swimming
Joss and one of his sand castles

Kia Orana to all,

Just so you don't think we have lost all touch with reality I thought I would reveal the Secret Reality of Paradise.

  1. Sand and boys mix too well. It sticks to everything and must be dealt with or it takes over.
  2. Flies actually prefer to come inside to die.
  3. Mosquitoes find the most difficult places to reach to bite you.
  4. Ants enjoy your lunch crumbs as much as you enjoyed your lunch.
  5. Salt water stings.
  6. Sunburns sting.
  7. Gardeners do come and start smoke fires upwind from your open windows.
  8. Cooking must be done by someone, you.
  9. Ditto dishes.
  10. Likewise laundry.
  11. You can just miss your bus. The next one comes in one hour.
  12. Internet cafes are not always perfect.
  13. Reading takes on a whole new importance.
  14. Boys like to collect things, shells, rocks, sticks and hide them in their pockets, put them on tables, steps and any other flat surface.
  15. Lizards can be a source of conversation among educated adults.
  16. Crabs do run over your feet during sunset walks.
  17. You will forget to pack something.
  18. The sky is blue the water warm, the people friendly.

I am sure no one feels sorry for us anyway.



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