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November 6, 2001
A Tanzania photo album

Jambo!  Karibu sana!  In our safari letters, we mainly shared pictures of Tanzania's wild animals.  But Tanzania's beauty goes far beyond just its wildlife, and permeates all places and things.  Here are some of the many memories that we will carry with us from Tanzania...

011022b.jpg (508969 bytes)
Habari za arubuhi: sunrise over Lake Manyara, as seen from Panorama Safari Camp

011025a.jpg (249772 bytes)
Our safari crew: Tom (driver/guide), Mr. So (logistics), and Chris (cook) kneeling

011020q.jpg (448491 bytes)
We spent most of our time on safari with our heads sticking up out of the truck roof

011020c.jpg (477215 bytes)
Whenever a tourist vehicle stops in a town, it is immediately set upon and surrounded by vendors -- we had to learn the Swahili phrase, "sina pesa" ("I have no money")

011017d.jpg (94344 bytes)     011017f.jpg (72360 bytes)
We saw Tanzanian women carry all kinds of things around on their heads

011020e.jpg (252710 bytes)     011026a.jpg (97980 bytes)
Maasai nomads (their sandals appear to be made from old tires) -- their red-plaid robes identify them wherever they herd their cattle

011021u.jpg (104378 bytes)     011023yy.jpg (518775 bytes)     011023zs.jpg (464821 bytes)     011103d.jpg (155674 bytes)
Each tribe has its own unique language and dress -- from left to right are Maasai, Hazabe, Tatoga, and Mbulu women

011021e.jpg (126050 bytes)     011021m.jpg (332777 bytes)
Tanzanian children are beautiful -- these are from Mto Wa Mbu (the ones on the right are playing with a toy car that they have made out of old scraps)

011021zx.jpg (143444 bytes)     011023zq.jpg (504343 bytes)
Russell with 1 & 1/2 year old Namkeshe (literally, "Awake day and night"); Gail with a 5-month old baby Tatoga girl

011022e.jpg (133408 bytes)
While much of Zanzibar is Muslim, much of the mainland (old Tanganyika) is Christian -- here is a church along the road to Lake Eyasi

011031t.jpg (385600 bytes)
Our unanimous choice for "favorite African animal" is the hyrax -- these irresistibly cute little furry animals are not rodents, but distant relatives of the elephant

011028q.jpg (145118 bytes)
Among birds, the pervasive "superb starling" is one of the most stunning -- with an iridescent blue and green back, and a bright orange and white stomach

011031p.jpg (509050 bytes)
Russell demonstrates his chic "post-safari" look

011027v.jpg (343277 bytes)
Lala salama: sunset at Ndutu Wildlife Lodge, behind umbrella acacia trees.  Tutaonana.


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