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October 13, 2008
Gail's boys

Tandré and Joss demolish the scaffold

Sunday, October 10, saw an unusual situation. Russell was driving down from the mountain after a weekend stay with his friend Steve. Gail was driving up to the mountain to begin her own weekend stay. Joining her were our son Joss (who had Monday off of school) and his friend Tandré (who has become like another son to us).

We met for lunch at one of our favorite lunch eateries, André’s Delicatessen in Amador City, where we enjoyed Kobe beef pastrami sandwiches in the Indian Summer sun. From there, Russell continued home, while Gail began her late mountain weekend with the two boys.

Gail had several tasks, and she was able enlist the boys’ help. First, Gail wanted to make sure that the walls were now weatherproof, as winter was approaching. Gail gave Joss and Tandré the fun task of spraying the outside walls with a garden hose, while she checked for seepage inside. She found a couple of wet spots and caulked them.

Tandré and Joss hose down the master bedroom and Joss’ bedroom walls (Tandré is standing atop the scaffold)

Second, Gail wanted to dismantle the scaffold that we had built on the south wall, in anticipation of re-building it on another wall. Gail gave Joss and Tandré the fun task of demolishing the scaffold with hammers and pry bars.

Finally, Gail wanted to continue her wiring work. In this case, Joss and Tandré had the particularly fun task of goofing off and enjoying themselves while Gail worked.

Drilling three-quarter-inch wiring holes is not easy (or fun)

All in all, the weekend was not only a nice break for Gail away from Russell and the Bay Area, it was also a nice bonding time for her and the boys.

The tree swings are quite overgrown after five years, but still just as fun


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