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November 7, 2008
Another inspection, another extension

Shelly, our latest inspector, examines our current work

After six months of illnesses, funerals, and other delays, we finally reached our next building inspection deadline. The current milestones were the interior framing and the electrical wiring. Originally due back in May, we had received an extension from our building inspector, Randy.

Now here we were in November, and we still weren’t ready. Russell had largely finished the interior framing, other than a few trim pieces that weren’t subject to inspection. On the other hand, Gail still had quite a bit of work to do on the wiring. To be fair, our electrician brother-in-law Jim had been largely unavailable lately due to a new job and pneumonia.

Gail’s plan was to get as much done as possible by November, have the inspector yellow-tag whatever was missing, then finish the work afterwards. On Tuesday, November 5 – a rare mid-week trip – Gail drove up to our mountain house building site to meet the inspector.

Gail drove up a day before the actual inspection so that she could do some additional work. On Wednesday morning, she received a visit from Dennis, our previous inspector and now good friend. Dennis did a “pre-inspection” of the work, pointing out places where Gail had used the wrong wiring gauge and making other suggestions.

The actual inspector showed up on Wednesday afternoon. Randy was out sick, so Shelly came instead. The two women hit it off wonderfully. Shelly complimented Gail on her willingness to be a “do-it-yourselfer.” Her overall comment was, “It looks like you’re doing a lot of good work here. I’m giving you an extension for another six months.”

Gail was ecstatic. The framing was signed off as completed, and we now have until May 2009 to finish the electrical wiring.

Gail is now much more accustomed to being up at the mountain house by herself, so she stayed an extra night. She spent Thursday morning working outside, raking leaves and cleaning up the access road, before driving back home, just in time for the weekend.

Our building permit is slowly getting checked off!


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