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January 19, 2009
From house to home

Joss, Gail and Cameron take a break on the deck in the warm January sun

With our sons Cameron and Joss now in college and high school respectively, their trips to our mountain home construction have become fewer and farther between. First, they are now self-sufficient enough to be left alone for days. Second, they have their own social lives and better things to do than hang around with their parents.

But with drywalling now proceeding at a rapid pace, Gail wanted the boys to see how the house is visibly changing. In addition, we wanted them to have the opportunity to drywall their own bedrooms. So on Saturday, January 17, we took advantage of the long Martin Luther King Jr. weekend and traveled once again as an entire family.

Gail tried to give the boys a balance between enjoying the weekend and contributing to the work. Joss helped install both drywall and a new shelf in his bedroom closet. Cameron helped drywall the upstairs hallway, as well as lug heavy sheets of drywall up the stairs with dad to give mom a break.

Joss installs a shelf in his bedroom closet
Cameron installs drywall in the upstairs hallway

Meanwhile, due to the unseasonably warm and sunny weather, Russell tried to work outside as much as possible. His spontaneous and self-assigned task for the weekend was to dismantle a large crate that has been obstructing our western panoramic view for the past four years (since the kit house was first delivered in March 2005).

A large crate, which originally held our windows, has been sitting on the western side of the house for the past four years

Russell began his task with hammer and crowbar on Saturday morning. Before he knew it, he was joined by Cameron (no doubt prodded by Gail to go and help). By Saturday afternoon the crate was gone, and we beheld the gorgeous panorama that we had first fallen in love with six years ago.

Cam and Russell worked for several hours to dismantle the crate

The western panorama, which we are fully able to see again for the first time since 2005

Little by little, our mountain house is looking less like a construction site and more like a home. By the time we departed on Monday, there was drywall on one side of almost every upstairs wall (we canít install the other sides until the electrical wiring is done). Rooms are actually separated from each other!

As a further symbol of this transformation, Russell took the base of the dismantled crate and has re-cast it as a new front porch for our mountain home.

Joss relaxes Ė in a living room with real walls!


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