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April 4, 2009
Brushing up

Steve loads his six-foot trailer for a run to the dump

While Gail has not been able to travel to our mountain house lately due to various scheduling conflicts, Russell and our friend Steve have still been dutifully (and happily) going up every couple of weeks. With interior work on hold, the two men have enjoyed working outside, tending to various areas of the 50-plus acres.

Steve’s only available time in April was the weekend of April 4. Unfortunately, Russell had to be in town that Saturday evening. The solution was for Russell to take two days off of work, drive up Thursday and drive home Saturday. This enabled Gail to take a day trip and join Russell on Thursday. (Unfortunately, she pretty much had enough time to drive up, look around, then get back in her car and drive home again.) Meanwhile, Steve arrived on Friday for a 24-hour trip.

On their last trip, the men got rid of some piles of brush by burning them. Unfortunately, it took most of a day to burn, which meant that they could generate yard waste faster than they could get rid of it. Furthermore, the weather on the weekend of April 4 called for both sunny skies and high winds. Burning would be out of the question.

Steve solved the problem by bringing a six-foot trailer hitched to his truck. Gail had located a waste dump 15 minutes away that would accept unlimited yard waste. The agenda for the weekend was set.

Steve and Russell ended up making six trips to the dump, with each trip taking about an hour to load up the trailer, drive there, unload, and drive back. The result is a visibly cleaner area around the house. The southwest knoll (where the shed is) is now completely free of Manzanita.

When we bought the property in 2003, the southwestern knoll was relatively clear
After five years, it had become overgrown with manzanita
After several weeks of work, it is now even clearer than when we bought it!

As far as the house itself, Gail and Russell brought up a sofa bed that we had been storing in the garage, and Steve and Russell successfully moved it upstairs to the living room. (We had been using a futon that we had gotten as a free discard, but it was getting so uncomfortable that it was actually hurting our backs to sit in it).

In the upstairs living room, an old futon has now been replaced with an almost-new sofa bed

For such a short trip (for Gail and Steve at least), it turned out to be a very productive weekend.

The southwestern knoll – another panoramic view that we are able to enjoy for the first time in several years


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