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March 10, 2010

A rare sight: our mountain home in the snow

Russell and Gail had another schedule of crossing paths. Russell drove home from our mountain home construction site on Sunday, March 7. Gail drove up the following day on Monday, March 8.

Gailís continuing agenda was to install more drywall. She has been frustrated by continuous rain leaks in the exterior south walls, corresponding to Jossí and the master bedroom. As a result, she has spent the past several trips caulking when itís sunny and testing when itís raining. Finally, she is finally reasonably confident that the leaks have been stopped.

As a result, Gail was able to spend two days drywalling the master bedroom. Though she did not have enough time to finish the room, she is close.

A panorama of the master bedroom exterior walls, as taken from the parapet

The big news, though, is that when Gail awoke at 6:30 am on Tuesday morning, she couldnít see out the window. Her first thought was that there was a heavy fog outside. When she took a closer look out the window, she discovered a couple inches of snow blanketing everything in sight.

Gailís Tuesday morning view

Gail immediately threw on some warm clothes and ran outside with the camera. For the next couple of hours she took pictures of everything in every direction. The beautiful view was accompanied by a complete silence in the air. It was an incredible morning. Gail even telephoned Russell to say, ďIíll bet you wish you were here right now!Ē

Gailís early-morning rise paid off; by 10:00 that morning the snow had all melted. She ended up taking a whopping 182 photographs during that trip.

Russell had just taken a panorama of the western view during his last trip.
Three days later, Gail saw a completely different view.

Gail also observed an in-flight mating dance between two birds of prey. She was able to get a snapshot of one of them when it landed in a nearby tree. (Some quick research back at home later told her that they were peregrine falcons.)

Gailís photo of a peregrine falcon, compared with a reference photo from the Internet

All in all, it was memorable stay for Gail. This is the first time she has gone to sleep with clear weather and woken up with snow all around. (She has seen snow on the mountain a couple of times. For the record, Russell has yet to have such an experience.)

Gail continues to make steady progress in drywall, still aiming for a completion milestone in May. She has probably seen one of the last storms of the season, as we expect the weather to slowly get warmer.

Gail gets a visit from an old friend


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