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May 26, 2010
Mudding the master bedroom

Gail installs drywall mud in one of the master bedroom closets

A week and a half ago, Russell went up to our mountain home construction site despite having an injured and frozen shoulder. This was not a good idea. At his next visit to the physical therapist, Russell was informed that his shoulder is getting worse, not better.

So when Gail decided to go up herself on Monday, May 24, it was just as well that Russell had to work. He would stay home and rest. Fortunately for Gail, she would have the company of our two friends Dirk (“the electrician”) and Steve (“the groundskeeper”).

Dirk has already gone far above and beyond his volunteer commitments as our electrician, but there are a few more handyman-type jobs that he is willing to help with. One of them is to install a venting system from the second-floor laundry room to the exterior of the house. He had actually started this project back in April, but decided to move the location of the vent and opted to wait for another day. Dirk was already at work by the time Gail arrived on Monday afternoon.

In order to fit the laundry vent properly through the wall studs and into the first-floor ceiling, Dirk needed to relocate it from his original location (left, April) one stud over and higher up (right, May)

Steve arrived on Tuesday and spent his time working outdoors as usual. Surprisingly, the county is still allowing burn piles at certain times of the day. Our agreement with Steve is that he may chainsaw on burn days, so this was a double benefit for him.

Gail spent her work days in the master bedroom. With all of the drywall now installed, Gail started the meticulous task of taping and mudding the walls. She also upgraded the bed in the master bedroom, replacing the previous wooden frame with a set of under-bed drawers that she picked up on Craigslist.

Gail (and friends) departed on Wednesday, May 26. She will have one day at home before she heads back up once again – this time with Russell and our two sons – for the long Memorial Day weekend.


In panoramas: the master bedroom, taped and mudded


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