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August 2, 2010
August marathon

Cameron relaxes in his newly-mudded, taped and cleaned bedroom

Gail made a solo trip up to our mountain home construction site during the week of July 20. With no distractions, she was able to finish taping and mudding both Cameron’s and Joss’ bedrooms. She thoroughly cleaned both rooms as well, making them look more like bedrooms and less like storage rooms.

Joss’ bedroom, also newly mudded, taped and cleaned

But our big work trip of the summer would come two weeks later. On July 31, our younger son Joss left for his annual week-long church caravan trip. (This year took them to the Navajo Nation in Arizona.) As always, Gail and Russell took advantage of the no-Joss week to schedule a longer stay up on the mountain.

Unfortunately, Russell has a work commitment that will necessitate a trip back down to the Bay Area mid-week. But this also gave us a way to invite our older son Cameron without subjecting him to an entire week. We gave him a choice of a longer four-night stay (Saturday through Wednesday) or a shorter two-night stay (Thursday through Saturday). We were pleased that he opted to come up for the longer stay.

Lastly, we were joined once again by our friend Steve, at least for the first two nights.

Gail continued taping and mudding the drywall. Russell and Cameron reconstructed the platform over the stairwell hole so Gail could get to the large wall upstairs. She ended up completely sanding and finishing that wall so we wouldn’t have to keep constructing and deconstructing the platform.

Gail muds the outside of Cameron’s bedroom wall. (Note how precariously her ladder is perched on the temporary platform over the stairwell hole.)

Cameron – with Russell’s help – took on the task of hanging doors on his and Joss’ bedroom, as well as re-hanging the door on the hall bathroom.

Cameron, Russell and Gail (during one of her breaks) hang various doors

Doors are now hung on (from left to right) Cameron’s bedroom, the hall bathroom and Joss’ bedroom

Steve, as usual, spent the entire time outside: chopping, weed whacking and spraying. By the time he departed on Monday morning, he declared that he had successfully sprayed all navigable areas of the property: all of the poison oak was either dead or dying. As a last gesture, he even filled the back of his truck with our garbage drywall scraps to take to the dump.

Steve finds it very therapeutic to whack away at overgrown manzanita with an axe

Steve’s truck as he prepared to depart

Steve has now left, leaving the three of us here for a few more days’ work. Tomorrow’s agenda: more drywall on the downstairs ceiling.

Steve has turned the southeastern knoll (“Woodpecker Knoll”) into a dumping ground for all of the brush he has cut. Come next burn season, we’re going to have a terrific bonfire!


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