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February 2, 2011
Lights and fans

Dirk installs a ceiling fan in the downstairs great room.

So far, we haven’t made much progress on our mountain home this winter. This is not only because we’ve been too busy to make the two-and-a-half hour drive up and back, but because there’s been a lot of rainy weather.

Of course, the rainy weather is something that our friend Steve thrives on. He has actually made several day trips up by himself, to continue chainsawing and burning scrub. He has actually been up to our house more than we have.

While Russell’s schedule continues to be busy, Gail has been able to make two trips during the past two months. On January 6-8, Gail went up with Steve. The presence of a big, strong man enabled Gail to bring up a new, larger refrigerator that she had bought over the holidays. In addition, Gail continued drywalling while Steve continued clearing and burning.

Steve clears manzanita from the south side of the house.

On February 6-8, Gail went up with Dirk. It has been months since Dirk has made a visit, but he has kindly volunteered his continued services.

To earn our occupancy permit, all electrical work must be either completed or covered. Over the past several months, Gail has been covering switchplates and installing smoke detectors. For some tasks, however, she still needs Dirk’s expertise. For this trip, there were two items on the agenda. First, there was some additional electrical work to do: installing ceiling fans as well as more lights. Second, we are at the point where we are ready to install telephone and internet services.

Over the past several years, Gail has been hunting and finding various ceiling fans on freecycle and Craigslist. Dirk and Gail were able to install two fans downstairs, as well as fans upstairs in the master bedroom, Joss’ bedroom and the living room. (Cameron’s bedroom already had a fan installed.)

Before fans could be installed, Gail had to finish putting vapor barriers on the high vaulted ceilings.

Among our five new ceiling fans are fans in the downstairs great room (left) and the master bedroom (right).

In addition, Dirk installed more lights in the kitchen and master bathroom.

The kitchen has new hanging pendant lights. (Note also the new, larger refrigerator.)

The master bathroom has new wall lights. (And we’re not even using the room yet).

The second task involved telephone and internet. When we first brainstormed an electrical design with Dirk a year ago, we talked about having a single telephone installed for emergency 911 access. Dirk had installed telephone lines before Gail drywalled. Now, Dirk completed the telephone wiring, ending in a wall handset in the upstairs laundry room (currently the tool storage closet).

At the end of February, the Volcano Telephone Company will install and enable both telephone and DSL internet service. Gail has asked for Dirk to be there as well in case there are any problems, and he has kindly consented. So the best news is that we will get Dirk’s help and company for at least one more weekend.

Our new wall phone in the laundry room… just waiting for the phone company.


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