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September 20, 2015
Sifting through the Shed

Gail examines the remains of her backpack sprayer in the remains of our shed

Last night, Gail continued to see several spot fires around our property. This morning, the power was out when we got up, but it came back on three hours later. Another fire crew walked through during the afternoon, but overall things continue to settle down.

As we mentioned in a previous letter, we lost our 8í x 12í wooden shed and all of its contents in the Butte Fire. This shed is about 200 feet away from the main house. On Sunday morning, September 20, Gail sifted through the ashes and conducted an inventory for insurance purposes.

NOTE: We do not mean in any way to make light of the horrible losses that people have suffered in the Butte fire or any other wildfire. We have seen firsthand how this fire has destroyed peoplesí lives and livelihoods. We also know that our loss is laughably insignificant compared to what others have lost. We could not imagine conducting this exercise through an entire house full of hard work and memories, as so many hundreds of families will have to do.

Our shed had been stuffed full of miscellaneous tools, lumber, hardwood flooring and equipment that we didnít want exposed to the weather. This included all of the camping and recreational gear that we had used before the house could be occupied. Ironically, we had just brought our two dirtbikes down to the Bay Area to sell, so they were not in the fire.

Our neighbor Kelley snapped this blurry cellphone photo of our southwestern knoll on September 10, as the shed caught fire

The southwestern knoll, before and after

Gailís backpack sprayer

Russellís gas-powered wood chipper

Out tent (next to the shed, in greener days) Ė all that remains are the stakes and whatís left of the fiberglass poles

The heavy-duty Gorilla Rack shelving

The chainsaw

The remains of the shed, including a tile cutter, kitchen ventilation hood, solar lights and various tools

Again, we count ourselves extremely lucky emerging from this fire. We didnít lose anything that cannot be replaced. Our material losses amount to no more than a few thousand dollars at most, and we were fortunate enough to finally obtain insurance earlier this year. We continue to extend our best wishes and prayers to those who have suffered real losses.

Amazingly, one item emerged from the shed fire completely intact: Gailís dutch oven


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