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May 23, 2009
Jossí letter

Today we walked the Altamont pass to Greenville, about 11 miles total. I thought that it would be a fun experience, not saying it wasnít fun, it was just a lot harder than I expected. I expected the walk to be somewhat like walking around school, just a longer walk than from class to class. But the wind made it so much harder. There were times when it was almost impossible to walk forwards (we were walking into the wind) and the wind almost knocked us over. At one point when my mom was stopped to check up on us she was holding the door open and it closed by the wind.

The walk was a different experience than I imagined it to be, I thought it would be like hiking in the hills and looking at all the cool stuff and the view. Instead there were hills and windmills and cows. There were also two horses that seemed very excited to see us; either that or they were trying to kill us. We saw lots of cows, and every time we tried to go over to them they ran away. Most of the conversation that went on during the walk was either about cows, or to the cows. The wind was so loud that we couldnít listen to our music, and it was also very hard to talk to each other. If you turned around and tried to breathe it was like the breath was sucked from your lungs and you had to turn around and have the wind blast your face to get some more air.

Now Iím at the hotel and very tired. When we got back it felt like my eyes were burning off, and I was so exhausted I just wanted to take a nap. I havenít taken a nap, but after a nice rinse-off shower (because I already took one this morning, and walking doesnít really make you sweat that much) and a little rest at the computer I feel much better. My eyes still hurt a little, and I still feel like I walked 11 miles (because I did!), but I feel like I did something worthwhile with my time other than sleeping in and playing video games all weekend. I still have homework unfortunately (curse you teachers! Itís called a holiday for a reason!), so Iíll have to do some of that today and tomorrow, and hopefully have Monday free to do fun things like the weekend is for.

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