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March 2, 2012
Day 14: Happy the Hedgehog

Happy with the Star Princess in Montevideo, Uruguay

Russell’s Christmas present to Gail last year was one of those Zhu-Zhu pet toys. You put batteries in them and they run around on the floor, chirping and bumping into things. Gail collects hedgehogs and they finally came out with one, so Russell bought it for her.

A few weeks before our cruise, we were in the drug store and saw something we had never seen before: clothing for Zhu Zhu pets. Even better, they were on a ridiculous clearance sale. Even even better, one of the outfits was a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses outfit.

We decided to bring our Zhu Zhu hedgehog, “Happy,” along on our cruise. Here’s his scrapbook so far…

Happy was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for Carnaval.

He even got up to see the statue of “Christ the Redeemer.”

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, he sang “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” outside the Casa Rosada.

In Punta Arenas, Chile, he said “Hello” to the penguins.

He even has fun during the “At Sea” days. Here he is viewing the Skua Glacier in the Chilean Fjords.

Happy has made some friends along the way. At “Christ the Redeemer,” we met a couple from Australia who were bringing an inflatable green reindeer everywhere they went.

Our “Cruise Critic” friend Vickie has been bringing her Canadian moose, “Jasper,” on cruises for years.

Happy has also met some very important people. Here he is with Edward Perrin, Captain of the Star Princess, and Terri Cybuliak, the ship’s Hotel General Manager.

The Uruguayan dancers in Montevideo made him an honorary member of their team.

He loved the performances of Fernando and Cecilia, the ship’s professional tango dancers.

Ganda, at the ship’s International Café, keeps giving him extra desserts.

Fortunately, hedgehogs are supposed to be fat!


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