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May 19, 2017
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

On Friday, May 19, we ported at San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua from 8:00 am until 5:30 pm. Once again, we anchored off shore and passengers took tenders into port.

We have been here before and had no paid excursion planned. Instead, we were going to walk around the old town, spend some time at the beach, and find an internet connection so Gail could touch base with the family back home.

Still aboard ship, we bumped into Richard and Wendy. They were one of the first couples we had met this cruise; Gail was fascinated by Richard’s walking stick with an embedded badge. Richard and Wendy are from Sacramento, California, do embroidery for horse shows, and own a home in San Felipe, Mexico near the Sea of Cortez.

(Richard and Wendy also filled out a feedback card about our lectures. They won’t tell us what they wrote, but it actually prompted a phone call from Sammi the cruise director, who said, “I don’t normally call people to personally thank them for their feedback.”)

Richard and Wendy were planning to go ashore and find a ziplining adventure. We decided to join them.

Arriving at the port, we were immediately approached by a local tour guide who wanted to sell us a tour. Richard (who speaks fluent Spanish) wanted a ziplining adventure. The guide offered one with six platforms. Richard wanted the one with 17 platforms, similar to the excursion offered by Princess. The guide tried talking him out of it, before getting on the phone and saying he could provide it.

At this moment, another couple from the ship came wandering by. Ted and Marge are retired clergy from Melbourne, Australia. (They are hosting church services and Bible studies aboard ship.) They wondered what we were up to. Having never been ziplining, they declined to join us and went on their way. One minute later they came back. Marge and talked Ted into the adventure.

The guide offered us the ziplining tour for half of what Princess was charging. We worried that he was going to scam us somehow, but he was legitimate. Juan José told us that because Princess already had the location reserved, we would have to wait an hour before we could go there. In the meantime, he and his van driver Marlon gave us a walking tour of the town.

The view from the mountains of San Juan. You can see our ship in the distance.

It was after noon when we finally arrived at Da Flying Frog. A whole team of young men put us in harnesses and took us ziplining for almost two hours.

Russell and Gail had a ton of fun. Poor Marge, who had never ziplined before, was terrified through the entire adventure. After about three platforms she wanted to stop, which was of course not an option. Instead, she zipped the rest of the platforms accompanied by one of the guides. She was all smiles at the end of it, but said “Never again.”

Our team of adventurers: (front, from left) Marlon and Juan José; (back, from left) Ted, Marge, Gail, Russell, Wendy and Richard

Gail shows off her ziplining skills

We ended the day at Lago Azul, the same café where we had found internet on our previous trip. With all of the heat and humidity, we had some of the most appreciated fruit smoothies we have ever enjoyed.

By the time we got back aboard ship, we were so exhausted we turned in for the night by 9:00 pm.

Gail on the beach at San Juan del Sur


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