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May 20, 2017
Pictures from the Pacific Princess

The entrance to the Cabaret Loung, Deck 5 Forward

We have been so heads-down in updating our lecture presentations (and our website), we want to make sure we take a minute to describe our environment and some of the incredible people we have met.

Our Cruise Director is Sammi Coneen Baker from Vancouver, Canada. (She was also our Cruise Director when we spent a month cruising around South America.) She is responsible for all passenger activities aboard ship, including our lectures. Sammi is a ball of fire, extremely outgoing, and always seems to be everywhere at once. She will retire at the end of this year after four decades of working on cruise ships.

With Sammi, the Cruise Director
Sammi gave us a bottle of champagne to thank us for our last-minute help (the note is to “RUSL,” the nickname that Russell put on his name tag)

Our Assistant Cruise Director is Simon Heath from Britain. He is Sammi’s right-hand man, doing much of the process work related to cruise activities. He is responsible for publishing the daily “Princess Patter,” including scheduling our lectures. Whenever we want to change a presentation, we get it approved by him.

With Simon, the Assistant Cruise Director

The venue for our lectures is the Cabaret Lounge, Deck 5 Forward. (Our cabin is Deck 4 Aft, but it’s less than a five-minute walk from one end of the ship to the other.) This is the only lounge on the ship, and it’s used for everything from the evening dance and entertainment shows to the port lectures to the daily movies.

Inside the Cabaret Lounge

Another familiar face is Oscar Perego from Italy, the Maitre d’Hotel. We are the only passengers on board with no fixed dining assignment or table. Whenever we show up for dinner (sometimes early seating, sometimes late), the waiters are confused by our presence. Oscar invariably shows up and finds us a table where we can dine with other passengers. With a different table every evening, we have been able to meet many of our fellow passengers.

Oscar the Maitre d’Hotel
Gail learned that Oscar does embroidery, and asked to see a "Last Supper" project that he's been working on for the past several years (Oscar is wearing a phony mustache for a theme night)

When we first committed to this cruise, Gail consulted with her friend Vicky, who has been on many, many cruises. Vicky knows several of the officers onboard the Pacific Princess, and we have made sure to introduce ourselves to them.

Gail with two friends of Vicky’s: Antonio Pampao from Portugal, the Executive Housekeeper; and Laura Russo from Italy, the Bar Manager

Despite the ridiculous amount of time we are spending writing and rewriting our presentations, we are meeting a lot of people and having a lot of fun on this adventure!

Gail brought Ghirardelli Chocolates for Antonio and Laura. In return, Antonio sent us a beautiful bouquet of flowers… and another bottle of champagne!


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