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May 26, 2017
Oranjestad, Aruba: “One Happy Island”

The Pacific Princess docked at Oranjestad

On Friday, May 26, we stopped at our final non-U.S. port, Oranjestad, Aruba. We have been here before, so we were not in any hurry to leave the ship. We took our time with breakfast and more presentation edits.

Like Cabo San Lucas, Oranjestad is very touristy with rows of souvenir shops. Gail asked Sylvain Couture, the ship’s Onboard Sales Manager, for a restaurant recommendation. He suggested The Dutch Pancake House as a place that the crew liked. So we took the short walk there and enjoyed both savory and sweet pancakes for lunch. (We saw the ship’s singers and dancers at another table. We also saw that the restaurant has been named the “Best Breakfast in Aruba” for the past four years.)

Sylvain Couture, the Onboard Sales Manager, is another crew member who knows Vicky, our Cruise Critic friend. So we made a point to introduce ourselves to him.

The Dutch Pancake House, where we had lunch

There are full-sized blue horse statues all over Oranjestad. Gail wanted our picture taken with a Paardenbaai (Horse Bay), because they are “able to transform difficulties into opportunities”

After lunch, we left the touristy area and found a local grocery store, where we bought some more local spices. (Aruba is a Dutch island.)

The more-touristy and less-touristy areas of Oranjestad

Yet another local grocery store

We did hit the tourist shops on the walk back to the ship. For the first time, Gail found some things to buy for herself, including a couple of dresses and a ceramic mobile for the mountain house.

Just before the cruise ship is one last gauntlet of souvenir shops

Some of Gail’s purchases: a dress and a ceramic mobile. We hope the mobile makes it home in one piece!

The ship departed Aruba early, at 3:30 pm. From here we will head north, passing between Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti. This final leg of the voyage will take two days before we reach our final destination in Florida.

And we have lectures scheduled for both of those days!

We have now departed our last vacation port. The weather will start to turn colder as we head north and our journey comes to an end…


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