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May 28, 2017
Our Last Lecture

The online event schedule at Princess@Sea (note the blank lecture topic)

Russell was torn. He had two completely different topics prepared for our final lecture:

He had spent days finalizing “Longitude.” But he thought “Crosswords” was a stronger presentation. But “Longitude” was more like the storytelling lecture his audience was used to. But “Crosswords” would allow him to stretch and present something completely different.

The last Russell had told the Cruise staff, he was going to present “Crosswords.” But at our second-to-last lecture on the Butte Fire yesterday, Russell asked the audience what they would prefer to hear. The overwhelming answer was “Longitude.”

So yesterday morning, Russell went running to the crew office to tell Sammi and Simon, the Cruise Director and Assistant Cruise director. This was probably the fifth time he had changed the plan. Unfortunately, they had just programmed the television schedule. They wanted to be flexible, but they also didn’t want to look unprofessional.

Yesterday evening, we opened our copy of the “Princess Patter” to find out what Russell was supposed to present. The schedule read:

“Enrichment Lecturers Russell Lee & Gail Lee Presents: Sharpen your wits, Crosswords & other Puzzles and The Search for Longitude.”

They had put him down for both lectures!

The printed event schedule on the Princess Patter

So at 2:00 Russell asked the audience how many had come for “Crosswords.” Some raised their hands. He asked how many had come for “Longitude.” Some raised their hands. So Russell presented both lectures in combination. The natural unifying theme was the innate human desire to solve problems.

Somehow it worked, and we received tremendously positive feedback. The audience enjoyed both parts and found them equally entertaining. Our “work” was done.

This has been one of our most incredible and memorable adventures. Especially so because we did it together as equal partners.

Gail tells people she married a dreamer, and loves it. Her goal is to do everything she can to make Russell’s crazy dreams a reality.

This morning, Russell had a conversation that was so sweet, he brought Gail up to meet the passenger. Pam was an attendee at our lectures. At dinner last night, Pam’s entire table had a conversation about Gail, the amazing wonder woman. Pam said that if she was ever marooned on a desert island, her companion of choice would have been George Clooney. But following our lectures, she has changed her preference to Gail.

The best representation of our journey came from Princess itself. When we started this cruise, Gail’s status was “guest,” accompanying Russell as the Lecturer. But when we received our departure paperwork today from the crew office, Gail’s status was now listed as “crew.”

Our departure paperwork: we are both now listed as “crew”!

Greetings from the Worldtrippers!


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