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August 16, 2018
Gail’s Bucket List

The American Queen. (Photo from https://outdoorguyphotography.wordpress.com)

Followers of our website know that we’ve embarked on a lot of crazy adventures. Traveling around the world for a year. Building a house on top of a mountain. Riding a tandem bicycle halfway across California. Guest-lecturing aboard a cruise ship. All of these adventures have one thing in common: they are Russell’s crazy ideas. (Or as Gail would say, Russell’s midlife crises.)

April was our 30th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, Russell finally asked Gail: “What would YOU like to do? What is on YOUR bucket list?”

Gail replied without hesitation: “My childhood dream is to travel the entire length of the Mississippi River on a paddle-wheel steamboat.” Russell had never heard of such a thing, but Gail managed to find a company that does this (several, in fact). Unfortunately, we couldn’t put the trip together in time for our actual anniversary.

Here we are, four months later. We are going to spend an entire month cruising all the way up the Mississippi River, from New Orleans, Louisiana, almost to Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.

We will be traveling aboard the American Queen, a cruise ship that is actually powered by a giant paddle-wheel. There are other Mississippi cruise ships that have decorative paddle wheels, but this is the real thing!

What’s that, you say? Why are we going upstream, instead of downstream? Gail says we get a longer cruise by going north. In fact, the American Queen will take three weeks to make its journey. Here is our itinerary:

The "Mighty Mississippi" cruise

At the front end, we will leave our California home half a week early on August 17, giving us a few days to explore New Orleans. At the back end, we will stay an extra half week to visit friends and family back east (including our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter).

Along the way, we will try to blog as we go. We hope to learn a lot of history about plantation life, the Civil War, Mark Twain and whatever else we can absorb. Our latest midlife crisis adventure is about to begin!

Russell: “I hear the drums echoing tonight!”

Gail: “? I hear only whispers of some quiet conversation...”

Our adventure is about to begin!


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