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March 1, 2020
Sydney, Australia: Walkabout

Russell writes…

This morning, we thought we had an early excursion at 8:50 am. It turns out the excursion is tomorrow. Today was a completely free day for us. We had a leisurely morning, then set out to explore more of Sydney.

Sunrise in Sydney

Our veranda overlooks the Anzac Bridge (which reminds us of a smaller version in our home town of Cupertino)

Our ship is docked over at White Bay in West Sydney, away from downtown. Fortunately, Regent is providing a shuttle bus 20 minutes to King Street Wharf. Gail was hoping we could catch a hop-on hop-off ferry and sail around the harbor. Unfortunately, you either had to purchase an Opal card or a two-day pass, and we didn’t think it was worth it. So we set off on foot with no specific destination.

Driving across the Anzac Bridge

King Street Wharf

Here’s where we went today

We walked north on High Street and ended up at the Barangaroo Reserve. This is a newly renovated part of Miller’s Point, and offers walking paths as well as an Aboriginal culture center. We got a terrific view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Barangaroo Reserve

A section of Barangaroo Reserve called “The Cutaway”

From there, we walked back south on Kent Street. We climbed to another vista point at the Sydney Observatory. Once again, we got a terrific view.

The view from the Sydney Observatory

We thought this sign was hilarious

All told, we walked about four hours before we caught the shuttle bus back to the ship. We continued our leisurely day with various housekeeping, including Gail giving Russell a haircut.

Today is another transition day: 250 passengers disembarked this morning (including many new friends), and 120 new passengers have now joined our cruise!

Parked just behind our ship at White Bay was the “Explorer Dream” from Hong Kong. We can’t even imagine what kind of border force check they received!

When “Explorer Dream” departed, they bid our ship a festive farewell

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