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March 2, 2020
Sydney, Australia: The Queen Victoria Building

Russell writes…

Both of us were out of sorts from the get-go today. We cancelled our morning excursion; we were not going to be ready for an 8:50 am departure.

(“Aussie Wildlife” was not a priority. We had only booked it because it was free.)

Instead, Russell spent the morning working on our 2019 federal income taxes (successfully), while Gail tried to catch up on sleep (unsuccessfully).

We finally left our cabin at about noon. We took the shuttle bus back to King Street Wharf again, but we were mainly here to run errands. At the Chemist (pharmacy), we got some sinus and cough medicines. Gail picked up some felting needles for her crafts. Russell looked for board games and a magnet, but found neither.

The highlight of our outing was a visit to the Queen Victoria Building. This magnificent structure dates from the 1890s and fills an entire city block. It was restored in the 1980s and is currently a high-end shopping mall.

A map of where we went today

The Queen Victoria Building from the outside…

… and from the inside

One of the many domed ceilings

One of the many intricate staircases

The floors are gorgeous inlaid tile

A stained glass window from the outside…

… and from the inside

The centerpiece of the mall is this magnificent clock that hangs from the ceiling and strikes every hour

At the top, detailed tableaux recount famous events

Rotating cylinders mark the day, date and time

At the bottom are little figurines

It was a hot day – 94 degrees – but after we returned to the ship at 3:00, a huge wind kicked up. By the time we set sail at 6:00, the weather was definitely changing. It’s supposed to be 20 degrees cooler tomorrow. We’re getting ready for a bumpy ride!


Here’s a view of where we walked two days ago. The observatory is at the top center (where the gazebo is). The cutaway is at the water’s edge.

At 6:30, the room steward came running into our cabin. He was turning down all of the veranda tables and securing the chairs. Look at those waves!

Look at that sky!

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