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March 12, 2020
Good-bye, Middle East and Europe… Hello Africa and South America?

After many days of waiting in suspense, at 11:00 this morning we finally heard an official announcement from Andy (the cruise director) regarding the next segments of our world cruise. Regent headquarters stresses that this is a planned itinerary – most ports do not yet have final confirmation.

(It is also substantially different from the internet itinerary we had blogged about a few days ago.)

In a nutshell: Our world cruise is no longer going to the Middle East or Europe.

Instead, the plan is for the Seven Seas Mariner to head west from Perth, Australia. She will visit South Africa. Then she will head across the Atlantic Ocean to South America. From there, she will head north into the Caribbean. She will arrive in Miami on May 17, as originally scheduled.

(The itinerary after Miami is currently unchanged, pending further developments in the coronavirus situation.)

All world cruise passengers have been given the opportunity to continue their world cruise, or to end early and go directly home from Perth. Some folks we have chatted with have chosen to continue; others have chosen to go home.

One factor is that the new itinerary has 14 more sea days. Previously, we had 20 sea days during these segments; we will now have 34. Fortunately, both of us enjoy our sea days, especially Russell.

We had a long discussion. We looked at the pros and cons. At this point, we have decided to continue with our world cruise. Here is some of our reasoning:

We also considered several risk factors:

We decided we are willing to live with these risk factors. As one of our fellow world cruisers declared, “Better the petri dish you know, than the petri dish you don’t know!”

So for now, we are continuing our world cruise! Here is Regent’s updated (non-final) itinerary from Perth (March 19) to Miami (May 17):

(The only ports that are confirmed are Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro.)

We are here for an adventure… and this is getting to be quite an adventure!

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