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Welcome to New Zealand!

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We will be in New Zealand from July 26 until August 12, 2001.  Our plans call for us to arrive in Auckland, rent a car, and immediately zip off to explore the North and South Islands for two and a half weeks.  We have a very loose itinerary, but we have already made reservations at a few places...


Rotorua is the home of New Zealand's thermal hot springs.  Here we will stay at Holdens Bay Holiday Park.

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Gisborne, on the North Island's east coast, is the closest city in the world to the international date line -- its people are the first to see the light of each new day.  Here we will enjoy a farmstay for several days at the Te Hau Station Farm, where owners Chris and Jenny Meban also have two boys.

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Ultimately, we will end up on the South Island, where we will stay at the Meadowpark Holiday Park in Christchurch before leaving New Zealand.


Check back for updates from our New Zealand adventures!

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