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France: Crest (February 11, 2002)

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It's sad that we are going to leave Crest in six days. I will miss the dogs Plick and Mabelle. I will miss Loic and Zoe. The adventure walks. And all of the space. But it is exciting that we are going to go to Italy.

All of these six days we are going to be packing up and getting ready to leave. In the last six days we played with Loïc and Zoé a lot. Loïc and Zoé are seven and three. We played on the swings, sword fought, and played inside. The last three days or so, we played hide and seek with the animals (my stuffed ones). I got a warthog and named him "Sniffles." I named him "Sniffles" because I wanted the name to rhyme with "Truffles," Cam's pig. I have ten animals. And you can look at "About My Animals" on this Web site.

We also played in three trees. The three trees were very close together and I could climb up, so could Loïc, and Cam could too. We made a tree house, or part of one. I made a bridge from one tree to the other, and we started to make another bridge from the other tree to the last. I could climb from one tree to the other, and then the last without a single problem. Since there were three people who could climb the trees, we said we each got our own tree. Plick and Mabelle kept running back and forth under the tree branches and we kept saying, "Ha ha, you can't catch us!" (in French).

Also, on the very last day, we were playing at Loïc's and Zoé's house. We were playing "Astérix" on the TV. Astérix punched and Obélix fatted (fatted means he stuck his stomach out to bash the enemies). There were treasure chests and houses and all different kinds of things. The last game we played on the TV was something I don't know, but you're a yellow ball that has a mouth and eyes, and he ate little balls, and there are ghosts. If you ate a big yellow ball, then all of the ghosts ran away from you, because then you could eat them. You have to eat all the balls to win the game.


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