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Highlights (and lowlights)

For an entire year, every day was an adventure of new sights, experiences, and discoveries.  However, there were some moments that stood out more than others... for reasons both good and bad.  Here is a completely subjective selection of some of the more key moments during our trip.  If nothing else, they will give you a flavor of the kinds of things we went through...

July 16, 2001: we left home and our adventures began 
September 12, 2001: the day after "9/11" (Brisbane, Australia) 
September 23, 2001: we learned that Gail's father had passed away (Luoyang, China) 
November 1, 2001: Cameron celebrated his 11th birthday (Serengeti, Tanzania) 
November 22, 2001: Thanksgiving (Crest, France) 
December 25, 2001: Christmas (Paris, France) 
January 1, 2002: New Year (Bad Gödesburg, Germany) 
February 27, 2002: we held our new baby grandson for the first time (Rome, Italy) 
March 31, 2002: Joss celebrated his 9th birthday on Easter Sunday (Berlin, Germany) 
April 2, 2002: the saga of Russell's Palm Pilot (Hamburg, Germany) 
July 5, 2002: we returned home and our adventures came to an end 

During the course of our trip, we had a few rare opportunities to meet up with friends and family from back home.  We asked them to contribute their impressions of how they saw us adapting to life on the road.  Here's what they had to say...

Impressions from Russell's sister Joanne (Crest, France: January 14, 2002)
Impressions from our son-in-law David (Castellina in Chianti, Italy: March 6, 2002)
Impressions from our friend Jayne (Bad Gödesburg, Germany: April 14, 2002)

Of all of the countries we visited, we found China and Tanzania to be the most fascinatingly different.  We devoted a couple of letters just to showing off their charms...

A China photo album 
A Tanzania photo album 


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